#12 Ringing like a newlywed

Thick beard, trully fed.

Spit a line or verse and every one hurts.

Like a shark bite.

Hole in the wall to the far right.

For this dark knight.

Like JG.

Whose calling the plays?

And who are the higher ups?

Cop and go.

Rock and roll.

Credit cards and checks.

Make a movie out of it.

Usually doubt it.

Life is crazy for me.

Peasants buried.

I aint worried.

You cant kill whats dead already.

My head was heavy.

Lost it all.

Numbers was on my head, am I petty?

If you want to reach me my number is on a seperate celly.

Your stuck in the mess already.

What can the desperate tell me?

I know my work is out this world.

Pluto when I hit the scene.

44 notes.

You know what I did for New York?

Kudos for those who are living their dreams.

Making it hot, hot before I intervene.

This life will catch up to me in the long run.

Back to stacking whenever the fall comes.

When summer kicks in thell be mall runs.

Different streets and blocks but the same story.

Its where we are all from.

They are lurking to take my light.

If I dont make it home, two wrongs makes it right.

The hate remains the same,
And you remain a type.

Envy in sight.

Can I fix my crown right?

Bonus Poem

“Empty Canvas”

Under the sheets.

Mixed with clay.

Tatoo everything.

Take a walk outside.

Im surounded by feelings of laughter.

So what did I say.

Twisted thoughts that spent
around my head.

Im spinning,
on broken glass on what was once everything.

All those pictures said,
my world to burn.

All that I am.

Some day I’ll have a beautiful life.

While somebody else will ask why.

Maybe I’ll see a little better.

I dont know any butterflies so I chase them away.

Some day I’ll begin my life again.

Looking through the paper, but not knowing to read it.

No one ever showed me anything, but I feel a winner is on its way.

Feelings of being illegal causing shame.

Whispering hands trembling.