#11 Lights, camera, action

Glamour glitters and gold.

Behold the scroll in which I unfold.

Ready to plant seeds & stampede the globe.

The beast shall rise when im deceased.

Roming in the street.

From the womb to the tomb.

I presume the unpredictable.

Salute, thats the ritual.

Like a whole new beginning.

What a mixture.

Just picture.

Life as a whole.

State of mind, am I worthless?

Curse the woman with bible verses.

Thats what she works with, and miracles shall not leave the churches.

End up in the pockets of JG, maybe purchase a home.

Is a pool to much to ask for?

For this sinning fool.

Inherit this winning jewel.

Trendsetter, essential life.

Watching the tv with lifestyles of living easy.

As the plot thickens,
and slim pickings.

Driving whips.

Celebrate the elevation.

amongst the higher seas we surf.


Heres a toast, to the other side.

Pretty boy haters and chicks tricking fortunes.

Im glistening in hell as I whistle as I do dips.

I drift.

Call me DK.

2022 zoning.

Dont flash knots and my teeth are not gold.

Do I vouch for the snakes that slither?

Im not a Christian, but I pray like one.

What will make my problems sing?

Maybe my pen.

Till the end of time as I flatline.

You have my mind so here it is now give me mine.

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