#10 Mahogany

Scenery lightning and rain drops,

Never took a trip to Bangkok.

Mind control.

Torture is the rarest culture.

Attribute Satanic Masonic

Reminded of fast life venturez and winters,

Blinded untill the flashlight enters.

Before the sun sets,
pray I have multiple connects.

Caliber is on a higher algebra.


New York City King Part 6.

JG know my culture,

Wolves out to ghost you.

Graveyard, Greystone.

With my shield down you tried to grab the Tiger
from the Bronx Zoo,

Maybe travel to Barbados,

Laughing vulgar.

The vulture is a cannabis smoker.

Your life is over.

The righteous nova.

Corpse with a foul odor.

Volume one bringing to a closure,

Roll with me.

Surpreme solo, older then Moses scriptures.

Kings invade the minds of youngsters.

Playing a position or lost and missing,

Far from fiction,

A Cristian with ammunition,

Faced under submission,

Streets addiction.

Tied thoro in boros,

In the cut where its mello,


Like Carlito.

Alone in the wilderness,

Vision blurred from the mist.


World controlled by dead presidents.

Soulness filled with coldness.

Born to uphold this.

Till I’m born dead from oldness.

Bonus Poem



Do you hear me?

Just nod.

Anyone home?

Ease your pain, and get back on your feet.

Relax, I need some data first.

Where does it hurt?

I had a fever once.

Ok, just a little shot.

Thell be no more pain.

May feel a little sick.


I believe its working.

That’ll keep you going.

Its time to go.

Distant ships are coming from the horizon.

Your only coming in waves.

Your lips are moving, but I cant hear what your saying.

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