#9 Snakes in the grass

Be a martyr and give your life for me.

For the O.


Charter for J.

But I aint back,
I never left.

Riding around Yonkers.

Harder then me.

Harder to please.

Trying to reach the top where its lonely, but im already that.

Dont mention the V,
Or the 99,
Or the 44.

Chase or replace em.

Leave em.

Getting mad or even.

Watching the Knicks, looking for a buzzer beater.

Read em and they gone.

Like a Duke Blue Devil.

Pen in my hand like I play in the league.

I’ll write it for free.

They are still begging for peace.

Born in October a Scorpio.

No costume, but I’ll play Jason.

Drop me in a hearst.

Nervous when she reaches in her purse.

Buy a V or a house.

Still coming up.

Hedge fund thumbing up.

Wonder what it would be like to fuck London up.

Condos and credit cards.

Dreams usurped by the snakes in the grass.

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