#8 Are you my kin?

500 for JLB.

A vacation from the city thats not a safe place and
that never sleeps.

Same place.

Whose faith?

Whose fate?

Riding till I fade away.

Nothing to my name, yet still have a great day.

Make way as I twist my fingers.

For a 100 rounds?

Writting from anywhere,

Have you learned enough?

I heard enough.

Hurry up.

Trying to form a team with a great bench.

Zombies at my estate.

I cant wait,

How I play.

In New York City streets.

So hit my line.

Because its getting deeper,
and its not cheaper to keep her.

Given away like a feature.

Know the procedure.

Rep for JLB.

Because its tyranical.

A JLB thing.

Are you my kin?

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