#7 In due time

The idea in your mind,

Is it a good sign?

Change your mind?

Good conversation and some wine?

Smoke, but cant talk in spanish.

Lean on me, but im not a crutch, cross, or casket.

All about the cream.

Plenty photos.

Its your world, gulp!

Not in a rush so hush,

Poetry pays the bills?

This probably aint a delux,

50 bag for the mutz.

My stomach is still flat,

Write from my gut.

So whats up!

Its all natural,

So what.

No Uber, but I have the crown,

Lets spend a buck.

No luck, give it to me its a set up.

Riding around town concealing my face.

Feel like a Bishop.

You mistreated me.

No finders fee for my bride to be,

Advise for me…

3rd party sources,

Burning the duckets.

New attire and old desires,

Probably will never retire.

My bad, am I accountable?


On your what?

Never grounded on your feet,

See a breeze.


Nothing like me.

How you make it seem,

Heart of gold that you pawned to hit the road like Jack.

Multiple caskets at this rate.

Dont play and take to the grave.

Dream chasers.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

My confidence is sailing in case you want to feel better about yourself.

In due time.

Come with me,

Relax your mind,

My heart beat is pacing.

Know what im thinking?

Not waiting all night,

One chance is what I need,
To have you forever.

I’ll wait forever,

Untill the fourth of never.

Trying to figure out,

Whats this love thing is all about.

Cant we be as one,

Help me to know,

Your the one I only see.

Your the one thats meant for JG.

Im sorry please stay,

Dont leave.

I’ll climb a mountain,

I’ll swim a shore,

Anything you want from me,

Just come with me.

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