#6 Feelings for you

Feelings for you

Yet your loving the crew,

With plenty bodies,

More then a few.

Different strokes for different folks,

Some like Pepsi and
some like Coke,

Some woman like corn flakes
and some mess with Frosted Flakes.

Know you deal with some lames, and thats so laaaaameeeeee….

Hopefully she is still young and probably in school?

Credit, you cant have it all.

Made man lacking respect.

Face the pressure,

Trading across the globe.

Will you let down your robe?

They dont love me,

Put em in a pine box.

Watch your self,

As I rock the craddle,

Fatal mystic.

87 dwelling,

Haven never mistaking,

All day long.

Its in me, I dont dwell.

99 click.

Im running so shut your mouth,

Putting yourself in a bad place with Jason.

Slipping into the eternal,

Urge to serve,

Underestimate the silence.

Working for cheese,

Major dues and choking on green leaves.

Bring my check as I stab the chicken.

Cant stand me,

Stable tight,

K’s day and night,

87 ways to get paid,

North NYC bound,

Scoping no joking,

Drop it off and fill the coffin.

The reaper is witty,

Show him some love
with a hug,

Illusions for the choosing,


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