#3 Had to cut you off

And shed some skin
get ready for the new skin,

Because the old skin wasn’t good enough.

From The Bronx, a small town hood.


I gather comes from a book?

Write my wrongs,
and write my poems,

Never exposed.

Are we in a recession 2022?

In and out of New York.

In and out my session.

My ex was Spanish Boricua.

Im looking for one overseas, have you seen her?

Been to Vegas with a real freak.

Not a super model, but she only ate salads.

Use to date a diva
hustling backwards.

No reup.

Leaves of paper from the trees.

Why all the damn cameras?

44 times 10.


Two fives.

My uncles brothers spawn.

Half hour, not feeling anything.

Franklins throwing it at her body.

Gentlemen of leisure, who was mighty generous.

Am I a feminist?

Pay a half for my soul.

The archnemesis.

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