#2 JG

Wheres my ex.

Foes, opposition and evil crows, upstart crows.

Samsung digital watch,

Not much.

Take the clothes off a plot?

They all nothing and busted.

Not writting, they all ducking.

Aint ready to write a poem.

Rather not clutch, dont clutch.

Getting smacked by this poem.

Geo tracking, tracking me and my whereabouts.

Dont call me on the hollidays, call your daddy, Or your uncle.

Dont call me.

Posting for views, but no ammunition.

Im done with athletics.

Find someone else to call
when your feeling low,
Or when your low.

I slaughter, but never murder?

Young resources, JLB.

I think they waiting on me

Why not kiss me now,

Live every 24 hours like the Black Mamba.

R.I.P. 87.


10 for the cake?


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