#1 Home Alone 66°

In a major way,

Harlem, New York.

Know your type,

At dinner for hours.

Why have you lied to me?

My expenses im buying.

Spiteful nature why dont you

Take this hundred dollar bill.

Not very heavy at all.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it, to keep them out my life?

Setting me up for the kill.

Kill traps.

At the work place.

Manhattan, Bronx, Yonkers.

My love thing, but hold on for the team nature.

Nothing has changed, but still need money for coffins.

Amidst with the grind so call me.

I rather text then call.

Sad face.

Robbing me for 20k.

Foget the topic.

Want to go shopping?

Its never sweet on a Washington Heights street.

Missed my duckets, rather I was stingy with the duckets.

Pat myself on the back.

Still ran out of duckets the gold.

Jason L. Always taking steps to the max.

Funerals are apparent,

Will they go missing?

Stayed in NY as long as Patrick Ewing and Derek Jeter,

Never doing a dance.

Like I played for St. Johns.

How much will I see before I reach the top?

Everyday trying to stay alive.