Buffalo Soldiers ft: Alek Manoah & Luis Castillo

Alek Manoah

Alek Manoah K rate 23%, MLB average 23%, we shall see.

Six seven 291 of a human.

First pitch….

Strike one against Julio.

O and two count, lets go Alek.

He hits him, ok not how we want to start, but im going to give the kid a break, its his first playoff start.

We dont need a debacle from Manoah today.

One and one the count to France batting 276.

Good slider one and two the count, lets go Alek!

No luck but gets his first out.

Alek Manoah

Man on second.

Manoah gives up a run in the first on ten pitches, man on second.

One and one the count to Raleigh, one and two…two and two… three and two the count, not quite as sharp as we are use to seeing from Manoah.

Its three nothing Mariners, thats how you quiet the crowd on the road.

The pitching coach is out to talk to Manoah, it might be time to ring the alarm, what the hell did I get myself into.

Now the t.v. has blacked out, perfect, could it get any worse?

We will be back shortly after these brief messages….

Not sure what the hell happened but checking the Score App it shows Manoah finished the inning with a K.

Its the least we could’ve asked for.

This gotta make Luis Castillo feel great and me? Im happy for the SGP same game parlay.

Luis Castillo takes the mound….

Luis Castillo

Starts with a 99 mph fastball.

Out #1

O and 1 the count to Bichette on 100 mph, o and two and no luck but two quick outs for Castillo.

2 and o to Vladdy, takes a strike at 100 mph, three and one, fight back Luis lets go, three and two, lets go Luis!!!!…no luck but Castillo gets out the inning unscathed.

Manoah takes the mound….

1 and o, one and one, one and two, lets go Alek!…Manoah wants a different ball great….Boom caught him looking.

Halfway there, 1 and o to Frazier and gives up the base hit.

One and o to Crawford, one and one the count, two and one, three and one, walks the ninth place hitter, but all in all hes in trouble, but I feel ok about it.

Two on one out against Seattles superstar, and o and 1 the count, o and two, big at bat for Manoah, lets go Alek!!!……steps off the mound, time asked for at home plate….Boom!!!! Strikes him out swinging for his third K

What more can I ask for? Am I not entertained!!!!


O and 1 the count, o and two the count…. crowd cheers loudly…..no luck but Manoah gets out the dangerous inning.

Its time for Luis Castillo to deliver, he only has a three run lead.

Luis Castillo takes the mound….

O and two… Luis Castillo looks so sharp but no luck gives up the hit.

Luis Castillo gets a double play, hes rolling but no Ks.

O and two the count on Chapman…. one and two…lets go Luis!!!!….no luck gives up the hit, no harm, no foul.

One and one the count, one and two the count, come on Luis!!!…no luck, a couple hits for the Blue Jays but no Ks.

Alek Manoah takes the mound…

One and one to Suarez who took him deep earlier, he grounds out for the out.

46 pitches for Manoah, in decent shape.

Alek Manoah

1 and o to Raleigh, one and one, got the call one and two…Boom! Manoah can hit the sweet showers.

All Eyes on Luis Castillo.

Luis Castillo takes the mound…

He finally gets on the board with a K finally.

Going against Vladdy the big boy at the plate with two on two outs.

Luis Castillo can be a mini legend if he strikes him out.

O and 1 the count.

Sitting at 40 pitches.

No luck but he gets the out.

We have about 60 pitches to get three Ks.

Luis Castillo

Luis Castillo takes the mound….

Two and two to Kirk…no luck but out #1

1 and o to Hernandez and a line drive out.

49 pitches in the fourth inning.

Complete game? Who knows.

O and 1 the count to Chapman, another Out, Luis Castillo just cruises, but cruises with no Ks.


Luis Castillo takes the mound…

Its the fifth, we are getting desperate folks.

One and one to Tapia who hits him well, one and two, lets go Luis!!!!! Lets gooooooo….two and two….no luck.

Luis Castillo

Out #2

O and 1 to Merrifield, one and one, one and two the count, come on Luis! You can do this….two and two…no luck gives up a base hit.

O and 1 to Springer, a dangerous hitter, no luck.

O and 1 to Bichette, another dangerous hitter.

O and two…no luck but Castillo works through the jam.

Luis Castillo takes the mound…

Vlad pulls it foul, o and 1 the count, one and one, one and two the count…got him Vladdy strikes out, its about dam time Castillo, wow! Geez.

1 and o to Kirk, one and one and Kirk is arguing with the ump, swings violently, one and two…grounds foul, lets go Luis!!!! Lets goooooo…..two and two…three and two the count…. 79 pitches…no luck.

Luis Castillo gets out the inning, only 2Ks.

Luis Castillo takes the mound…


One and one to Chapman, two and two the count….Im beaten can he do it? Boom! Gets strike three.

My spirit is beat but he needs one more K at least hes giving me a fighting chance.

Is this happening o and two to Tapia who hits him good?

What the hell…

One and two lets goooooo Luis!!!!!! Be a legendddddd

Two and two….

92 pitches, its coming down to the dam wire….

Boom! Game over! Buffalo is served!