Non expendable strikeout artist ft. Kyle Gibson, Josiah Gray, & Corey Kluber

Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson takes the mound…

Quick out, o two the count to Garcia…one two…no luck but gets the out.

Two down.

O and one to Voit, one one, one two the count… lets go Kyle!!!

Ump is no help, crowd gets restless, still two two the count.

Ump is not helping at all, thats two pitches in a row that wasn’t called for a strike.

Voit grounds out to end the inning.

Josiah Gray takes the mound….

Gets his first K like a boss.

Gives up a homerun to Hoskins, no harm no foul, its a solo shot.

Josiah Gray

Should help Gibson in his Bid to the K.

Gray gets Bohm to fly out.

One one the count to Realmuto, one two the count.

Lets go Gray! No luck Realmuto gets on third.

Gray gives up a homerun to Castellanos.

Not a good sign.

Hopefully Gray can bounce back from this first inning debacle.

One two count to Hall…two two the count…

Gray is giving up homeruns non stop this is terrible.

O and one to Segura, one and one the count, one two the count…. lets go Gray!!!

Josiah Gray

Bang!!! Gets his second K but what a inning from hell.

I dont wish that on my worst enemy.

Taijuan Walker had a similar inning like that for the Mets tonight.

The silver lining in this all is that he picks up 2Ks.

Nationals tend to give Gray a lot of leeway.

Corey Kluber gives up a run in the first to the Tigers, registers no Ks.

Tonights card looks super wacky.

Hopefully Gibson is feeling good of all people.

Kyle Gibson begins to deal….

Gibson picks up a quick out.

Kyle Gibson

O and one to Ruiz, o and two…lets go Kyle! One two, Bang!!! Gibson is on the board.

Tampa Bay Rays just tied it against the Tigers, has to make Corey Kluber feel good.

O two count to Thomas from Gibson…no luck but Gibson gets out the inning.

Looks like they took the Rays run back, Corey Kluber is back down one again.

Josiah Gray deals…

One o count to Stott, one and one, two and one, two and two lets go Gray!!!…three two the count…no luck but gets the out.

O one to Marsh, o and two lets go Gray!!!…one and two, two two…Boom! Got em.

One more and we can remove ourselves from this sticky situation and replace it for a less sticky situation.

O one to Schwarber who he struck out last at bat.

One and one the count, two one, two two lets go Josiah!!!


Three two the count…bang!!! Got him

Kyle Gibson deals….with a four nothing lead.

Strike to Hernandez.

O and two the count, lets go Kyle!!!…one and two…two two…three two…no luck.

O one the count for Gibson, two quick outs for Gibson.

O one to Vargas, one one, two one, another quick out no Ks.

Gibson is sitting at forty pitches, might make us sweat a little.

Corey Kluber picks up two quick outs with no Ks in the second.

O and one to Baddoo, one and one, one and two lets go Corey! No luck Baddoo gets on first.

O and one to Greene, he homers.

Corey Kluber

We traded one sticky situation for a even more sticky situation.

Reyes gets a double.

One and one to Baez, one two the count…lets go Corey! Got him finally.

Kluber is on the board.

Another inning from hell.

Atleast he gets on the board, its the least we can ask for.

Kyle Gibson deals….

Kyle Gibson so far pitching a no hitter.

Top of the fourth, strike for Robles, o and two, no luck.

O and one to Garcia, o two the count… lets go Kyle!!! One and two, two two the count…

Full count…Bang got him!

Kyle Gibson

One more and KGs night is done.

One one to Voit, one two the count lets go KG!!!…

Two two the count…Bang!!! Like a champ.

One two to Castro from Corey Kluber.

Two two, bang!

Another one and tonight’s a success.

Corey Kluber deals…

Two quick outs in the fourth

O and one to Baddoo, one one the count, no luck but quick inning by Corey Kluber.

Hes got four innings under his belt and hes sitting at 54 pitches.

Corey Kluber

Theoretically hes looking like he has a couple of innings left minimum.

The top of the line up is due up for the Tigers they have been tatooing the ball.

Doesnt look good in that sense, but does look good for another.

Corey Kluber deals….

He only needs one more K on the night and he will go down as a strikeout artist encapsulated in game history.

Corey Kluber has about what another quarter of the game left in him?

Another twenty five pitches?

Strike for Greene…

O two count…

One and two…lets go Corey!!!

Corey Kluber

No luck but gets the out.

One one to Reyes, one two the count, lets go Corey!!!

Two two the count…

Bang! Game over.