Add a little sauce to the K prop ft. Justin Verlander, Noah Syndergaard, Carlos Carrasco, Alek Manoah, & Nick Pivetta

Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard takes the mound….

Gives up two hits and a run in the first.

Two one count to Hernandez, two two… lets go Noah!

No luck but gets the much needed out.

Gets out the inning, with nineteen pitches.

Carlos Carrasco has two Ks in the first inning against the Braves.

After a brief intermission, Noah Syndergaard has given up two runs heading into the third.

He has two Ks, sitting at forty one pitches.

One o count to Ruiz, one and one, one two the count…lets go Noah!!!…

No luck, things are getting a little dicey but still in ok shape.

Carlos Carrasco

O and one to Thomas with runners on first and second one out.

One one the count, one and two… lets go Noah!!!

Big pitch coming up…

Thomas is battling, two two the count…no luck but picks up the second out.

O and one to Palacios, one and one, no Ks but he gets out the suspect inning.

Carlos Carrrasco night is done hes at 5Ks.

Justin Verlanders night is over before it began.

Alek Manoah picks up his first K of the evening.

Alek Manoah picks up his second K in the bottom of the second.

One one count to Miranda, two one the count, two two…

Alek Manoah

No luck but gets out the inning.

Phillies just tied the game two two for Syndergaard, he worries me the most this evening.

All he needs is another K.

Hes sitting at fifty five pitches.

Phillies just gave him a five two lead against the Nationals.

At least we have a little breathing room.

Justin Verlander

Noah Syndergaard deals….

Five two Phillies over the Nationals going into the fourth.

Two o count to Franco, gets the out.

O one the count to Hernandez, one and one, two one, three one, gets another quick out.

Noah Syndergaard has a one two three inning.

Very quick, sitting at sixty four pitches.

Hes cutting it very short.

Hopefully he can have some get back in the fifth.

Alek Manoah has a full count on Sanchez in the third.

Alek Manoahs night is done, he gets the K.

Alek Manoah

Our hopes are with Syndergaard and Pivetta now.

One two count to Perez from Pivetta.

Full count with a runner on second.

Picks up his first out of the first.

Has a runner on third.

O one count to Pasquantino, Royals tie the game two two.

This is not good, but its still early.

O and one to Dozier, one one the count, two one, three one.

Does Pivetta not have it tonight?

Full count to Dozier, lets go Nick!

Nick Pivetta

No luck on Ks but he gets out a hard inning.

Noah Syndergaard deals…

Runners on first and third for the nationals, hes in big trouble.

O and one to Hernandez, o and two the count….. lets go Noah!!!!!

No luck and he gives up another run, he may get pulled.

Hes still pitchhing which is a mircale.

O and two to Ruiz, lets go Noah!!!!

No luck but he picks up a out.

Noah Syndergaard has given up ten hits in five innings

Bases loaded now.

O and one to Palacios, one one the count.

Noah Syndergaard

One two the count with bases loaded biggest pitch of the game right here….

Two two the count no luck but gives up another run.

I doubt he comes back out tonight, Noah ruined the Sauce.

Now there’s a delay!

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