Revenge of the strikeout ft. Shohei Ohtani, Blake Snell, Julio Urias & Alex Cobb

Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani starts the first inning with a strikeout.

Two one count to Murphy, two two the count, picks up his second K like a boss.

Blake Snell is dealing and has two Ks in the first, again like a boss.

Alex Cobb takes the mound…

Gets his first out.

O two the count to Turner, lets go Cobb! Boom the first punch out on something nasty.

One two count for Cobb on Muncy, two two the count.

Gets him and registers the K.

Julio Urias takes the mound…

O two the count, no luck but gets the out.

Julio Urias

One two the count to Flores, he battles, Boom rings him up, because he wants to be apart of the mop up crew.

One K.

O and one to Belt, o two the count, on a Ninetyfive mile per hour pitch.

Urias gets the second K.

Shohei Ohtani gets his third K in the second.

Hes cruising.

Blake Snell, gets a five nothing lead against the Rockies.

Alex Cobb deals…

One one the count, two one, three one, walks him.

O one the count to Lux, one one, two two the count…

Alex Cobb

Gets him, his night is done.

Blake Snell picks up his third strikeout.

Shohei Ohtani deals…

Two two the count to Pinder…

No luck.

Two two the count to Bolt…

Picks up his fourth K like a boss.

One o the count to Kemp, three one the count with a man on first.

Ohtani is fighting back, full count, Kemp is battling, Boom!! Get him like a boss player champ for his fifth K.

Julio Urias deals…

One o the count to Davis, one two the count…no luck but Julio gets out number two.

Julio Urias

O one the count to Gonzalez, o two the count….Gonzalez is battling, boom!!!

Six up six down, he strikes out his third of the game.

He picks up his last K and does what he has to do.

Shohei Ohtani picks up his sixth and his night is over.

Blake Snells night is done as well, we cash and get some get back this evening.

Blake Snell

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