A cold wednesday afternoon ft. Joe Ryan, Martin Perez, Brady Singer, Lance Lynn, & Chris Bassitt

Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan takes the mound…

Joe Ryan picks up two Ks in the first.

Joe Ryan picks up another 2Ks in the second.

Never seen anything like that.

His night is done.

Martin Perez takes the mound…

Registers his first K.

Two two count to Rutschman, no luck but Perez gets the out.

One one to Santander, one one the count, no luck but Perez escapes the first unscathed.

Martin Perez

Lance Lynn starts off the first with 2Ks.

One two the count to Abreu from Brady Singer…

No luck but Singer gets the second out in the first with runners on first and second.

O and one the count to Moncada, one one, two one, two two, lets go Brady!

White Sox score a run.

Brady is at twenty one pitches.

Brady gets out the inning with no Ks.

Rangers score one to back up Martin Perez.

Lance Lynn deals…

One two count to Taylor…

Lance Lynn

Strikeout! Got him with the curve.

Thats three, one more he hits the showers.

O and two to Pratto… one and two, catches another one with the curve.

Lance Lynns night is over.

Martin Perez deals…

He picks up a quick K.

One and two count to Urias…two two the count, got him with the Sinker!

One more and Perez can hit the books.

One one the count to McKenna, and Perez gives up the homer.

O two count to Mateo…and Perez gets to go home early.

Martin Perez

Singer still has no Ks and now the game is in delay.

This is terrible, this might ruin my whole afternoon.

Singer just misses his total.

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