Haphazard waste & strikeout filth ft. Braxton Garrett, Triston McKenzie, Spencer Strider, Cristian Javier, & Tyler Anderson

Braxton Garrett

Braxton Garrett begins to deal…

Picks up his first out.

One two count to Farmer… two two the count, no luck.

O one to Votto, one one, two one the count, three one with runners on first and second.

Three two the count… he walks the bases loaded with one out.

O and one to Solano, o and two the count, lets go Braxton!

Boom gets him with the slider!

We can live with bases loaded a little bit if he gets the K in the first.

Two out still bases loaded.

Reds score two runs.

Sixteen pitches in the first so far for Braxton Garrett.

Braxton Garrett

One one to Reynolds, no luck and bases loaded again.

Garrett needs to end the inning or get the second K fast.

O and one to Almora, and Braxton finally gets out the inning.

Boom!!! Braxton is back dealing and picks up his second K.

No harm no foul.

Two two the count to India…

Three two the count…

Boom!!! Rings him up third strikeout for Braxton!

One more and his night is done.

Triston McKenzie deals…

Triston McKenzie

Two one to Rojas, three one, walks him, not the way I want the game to start.

Strike for Thomas, one one the count, two one and runner takes second.

Two two to Thomas…

Three two the count runners in motion and guns him down! On Q.

Walks another guy.

Man on first and one out for McKenzie.

O and one to Marte, o and two the count, lets go Triston!

Man on first and second for McKenzie.

One one the count to Walker.

One and two for Walker, lets go Triston!!!

Triston McKenzie

Two two the count on a slider.

Gives up the homerun and ends my chances of a nrfi.

One two to Varsho.

Gets the out but no K.

Picks up his first K but does damage to our tie and nrfi.

All we can ask for now, is to minimize the damage climbing a up hill battle.

Braxton Garrett deals…

O two to Votto…one two, Braxton gets his fourth K but my night feels shot.

Triston McKenzie really stuck it to us giving up that homerun.

What was he doing walking people?

Spencer Strider

Spencer Strider picks up two Ks in the first inning.

I have my cleanup crew trying to minimize the damage.

Triston McKenzie picks up his second K, part of the mop up crew with this debacle.

He deals….

O and one to Alcantara, o and two the count, lets go McKenzie!!!

Gets the out but doesn’t pick up the K.

Spencer Strider deals…

Two two the count to Castellanos, and no luck, he gets on first.

One o the count on Hall.

One one the count, one two the count, and no luck.

Spencer Strider

But Strider picks up another K for three on the day so far.

Two two the count to Vierling and Strider picks up his fourth K like a champ.

Triston McKenzie deals…

O and two to Rojas, one and two, Boom!!! Picks up his first K, trying to mop up the damage.

Nothing to see here.

O and one to Thomas, o and two the count, one more K and Tristons night is done.

O and two the count to Marte…

Picks up his fourth.

I dont want to beat him up to bad but he burned me a little today.

Will I get some get back tomorrow?

Triston night is done.

Spencer Strider

Spencer Strider has four Ks one more and his night is done.

He delivers and picks up his fifth K in the third.

Christian Javier takes the mound….

Picks up his first K on Duran like a boss, player, champ.

O and one to newly aquired Pham for the Red Sox.

Gets him out, two down in the first for Javier.

Thats two Ks for Javier, looking like a star player on this clean up crew.

O and two on Devers from Javier.

Lets go Cristian!

One two the count, two two the count, boom! Retires the side.

Christian Javier

Actually strikes out the side.

Boss player moves.

Cristian Javier deals…

Picks up his fourth K, one more and his night is done like a champ.

Two o the count to Dalbec for Javier, two one the count, three one, walks him.

Just one more K for Javier and his night is over and we will be that much closer from a debacle clean up removal on aisle five of monumental proportions or just a few shekels.

O and two count to Sanchez…

One two the count, no luck, but gets the out.

O and one to Plawecki, and Javier gets out the inning, still no hits for the Red Sox.

Still hovering at four Ks.

Cristian Javier

Cristian Javier deals…

O and two the count to Duran…

One two the count, no luck.

Javier is at thirty seven pitches, at this point I dont have a doubt in my mind that he wont pick up the next K.

Two one the count to Pham, no luck.

O one to to Devers, and Javier gives up his first run.

Hopefully he gets angry and strikes out the side.

O and two count to Martinez, lets go Cristian!

Boom! Picks up his fifth K.

He can hit the showers.

Our hopes are with Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson takes the mound…

One two the count to Belt, boom! Gets the K beautiful!

Gets out the first with one K.

Dogers give Tyler a two nothing lead, should help with his longevity of the game.

Dogers now give him a four nothing lead.

Tyler is back dealing…

Picks up his second K for the second out.

Almost home free.

We home free.

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