Untouchable, uncrushable, Billy the Strikeout Kid ft. Patrick Corbin, Marco Gonzales, Domingo German, Cal Quantrill & Mike Clevinger

Patrick Corbin

Hard time for Patrick Corbin, hopefully he can get some getback in the Soto watch game.

First pitch of the night for Corbin, fastball strike.

O and two the count to Nimmo.

Grounder to third for the first out.

One one count to Marte, two two the count, lets go Corbin!

No luck.

Eight pitches two outs for Corbin.

O one the count to Lindor.

One and one, two and one, and no luck but Corbin retires the side.

Domingo German is dealing… gets the first out.

Domingo German

O one the count, no luck.

One out single for Winker.

One one the count to Suarez…

Line drive out, two away.

One and one on Santana, two and one, three one the count, he walks him.

Two on for Crawford in the first.

Two outs, one and o, two and o the count, two and one, and German gets out the inning with a grounder.

Cal Quantrill doesn’t allow a run to the Diamondbacks in the first and registers no Ks.

All and all not looking good but the Nationals score their first against the mets.

Marco Gonzales takes the mound…

Marco Gonzales

Second and third nobody out for Gonzalez, couldn’t have started worse for Marco.

O one the count to Rizzo, and he smacks a homer.

Three nothing Yanks.

Seven pitches into the game and Marco is down three.

One one the count to to Torres, and one away.

O one the count to Donaldson, and two away, the kind of outs that Gonzales wants.

One o to Benintendi, two o the count, three and o, three one with a strike, fouled away three and two, lets go Marco!!!

Another walk.

Rough first inning for Marco Gonzales.

O one the count, one and one the count, he gets out the inning.

Cal Quantrill

Marco Gonzales started three opening days for the Mariners this season that honor went to newly aquired Robbie Ray.

Patrick Corbin is dealing…

One and two good slider by Corbin, lets go Corbin!

Two and two the count Canha, the man that nobody knows his last name, he fouls it off.

No luck.

Patrick does have a K, showing us yes Ks do exist.

Nothing and one to Escobar, he gets him to fly out.

Cal Quantrill still no Ks and he gives up a run to the Diamondbacks.

Patrick Corbin dealing, one and one to Mcneil, one and two the count, lets go Corbin!

Patrick Corbin

No luck McNeil with a rbi single.

O and one to Nido, o and two lets go Corbin! I have to will them to the K.

One and two the count, no luck, two to one new york.

The eight and nine hitters of the Mets doing the nighmare continues for Corbin.

Numbers have been terrible, he has fourteen losses.

Hes on fortythree pitches, o and one the count to Nimmo, one and one, one and two to Nimmo, lets go Corbin!

Does it take a real good pitcher to get twenty losses?

They have to have confidence throwing you out there every time.

Pitch number thirty five in the inning for Corbin, Mets about to challenge the call and Corbin continues to deal.

Guardians score two helping Cal Quantrill case a little bit but he needs to pick it up.

Cal Quantrill

Bases loaded for Corbin with Marte up…

Mets score again but Soto throws Nido out at home, possibly saving our chances.

Three two the count for Quantrill, still no luck in the third inning.

Marco Gonzales has given up five runs in two innings, in trouble of getting knocked out.

He does have a K.

Hes sitting at forty pitches.

Domingo German has a five one lead and has a K to boot.

Hes dealing in the third.

Three two count to Perdomo for Cal!!! Still no luck.

Domingo German deals…

Two two the count to Winker…

Domingo German

Gets him out, two down in the third for German.

Cal Quantrill actually picks up a K to get on the board in the third finally.

Everyone is on the board at the very least.

We can use a little luck as well.

One and two for Domingo to Suarez… lets go Domingo!!! Two and two…three two the count? He walks him.

O and one the count to Santana, one and one the count, no luck.

One and one the count to Crawford, two and one, two and two, lets go Domingo!!!

Three two the count, walks him, Matt Blake comes out but he gets out the inning.

Patrick Corbin gives up another run, sitting at sixty pitches with just one K.

Marco Gonzales 1k on fortyfour pitches

One one the count to Donaldson, two one the count,

Three one the count, he walks him.


Patrick Corbin deals…

One and two the count, two and two to Escobar, at sixtyseven pitches, and no luck.

O and two the count to Benintendi from Marco, one and two the count, two and two the count, full count.

Swing and a miss, Marco strikes him out.

Two Ks which has been hard to come by tonight.

One o the count to Nido from Patrick Corbin, two o the count, two one the count, three one the count, three and two lets go Corbin!!!

In there for a called strike three boom! Corbin still has a chance.

Marco Gonzales picks up his second K.

Quantrill and German need to pick up the slack but they have enough run support.

O and one the count to Marte from Patrick Corbin.

One and one to Marte with two men on.

Patrick Corbin

One and two the count… lets go Corbin!!!

One two still, Marte is battling.

Two and two the count, lets go Corbin!!!

Marte has run the count full, three two, and Boom Corbin gets it.

German is looking bad with only one K on seventy pitches hopefully he can get some get back.

Corbins night is pretty much done literally.

Cal Quantrill gets a second K but he gives up three to do that, hes at sixty pitches.

Marco Gonzales is getting slapped up its now six two Yankees over the Mariners.

O and two count for Gonzales lets go Marco!!!

DJ is a hard out…

One two the count.

Marco Gonzales

No luck but he gets Judge, Marcos night is over.

Domingo German deals…

One two count lets go German!!! Two two the count, three two the count to Santana… no luck.

One two count to Crawford from German…

No luck.

Quantrill gets his third K but it means nothing because Domingo is about to be taken out.

One one count to Lewis, two two the count…no luck but probably wont be back for the sixth.