Moneyball Analytics ft. Max Fried, Merrill Kelly, Aaron Ashby, & JT Brubaker

Max Fried

One fortyfour in New York….

Max Fried picks up three strikeouts which is miraculous.

He singlehandedly just obliterated the card.

Merrill Kelly starts the first inning with a K to Olson, hes on the board.

No Ks in the first for Aaron Ashby, got out of a little trouble in the first, but only allowed a hit and a walk on fifteen pitches.

JT Brubaker who I was most worried about on the ticket did not disappoint by allowing two runs in the first, but he did pick up two strikeouts.

Aaron Ashby seems to be the only one trailing, but its early.

Brewers go up two nothing for Ashby.

Merrill Kelly deals…

Three one the count to Darnaud, he walks him, runners on first and second with one out for Kelly.

Merrill Kelly

O two count to Contreras, one and two, no luck but Kelly gets out the inning unscathed, no Ks for Merrill in the second.

Aaron Ashby finally gets things going and boy does he ever, he gets on the board with two strikeouts in the second.

JT Brubaker gets out the second Inning without giving up a run, he registers his third K.

Max Fried deals…and picks up his fourth K, his night is over.

Three more on the card, Kelly, Ashby, and Brubaker who are all on the board, Merril is trailing with just one K.

Merrill Kelly deals…

Twenty eight pitches for Kelly through two innings.

Picks up two quick outs, still no K.

O one the count, one and one to Acuna, no luck.

O and one to Swanson, one and one, one two the count, lets go Merrill!, Boom!! Picks up his second K, thats was huge, needed that.

Aaron Ashby picks up his third K hes rolling along barring any disaster.

Aaron Ashby

JT Brubaker is at three strikeouts, hes hovering at fortyfive pitches not to bad.

Overall the money is in play.

Aaron Ashby collects five strikeouts like a boss, player, champ, his night is done along with Max.

All our hopes rely on JT Brubaker and Merril Kelly the Korean baseball sensation from what I hear.

Merrill Kelly deals…

Still no score for the Braves and Diamondbacks.

O one count to Olson, o two the count, lets go Kelly!!!, one two the count, Boom!!! Yeah, Kelly the Korean baseball sensation nails Swanson and Olson back to back!

He picks up his third K, another one and he hits the showers.

Another quick out.

Two outs in the fourth for Kelly, o and two the count to Rosario, one and two, and Boom!! Merril Kelly picks up the fourth K like the legend he is.

Merrill Kelly

JT Brubaker already holds legendary status can he maintain it?

JT Brubaker deals…

One out in the fourth, two one the count, no luck but picks up his second out.

Lets go JT.

JT Brubaker

O one the count, no luck, hitter gets on.

Brubaker sitting at fortyeight pitches.

O and two the count for Brubaker, lets go Brubaker!!!

Boom JT is cash money legend.

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