Can you taste the 4Ks ft. Alek Manoah, Kyle Wright, Robbie Ray, Julio Urias, & Martin Perez.

Alek Manoah

Two two count for Manoah dealing to Castro, just like that picks up his first K of the inning.

Kyle Wright takes the mound…

O and one to Thomas from the Diamondbacks.

O and two count, Boom!!! Get his first K, two outs in the first.

O and one to Marte, one one, two one, two two, lets go Kyle!, three two count, Boom! Two Ks in the first for Wright.

Manoah deals…

One one count to Castro, one two count, no luck but he gets the out.

O one to Schoop, quick o two, one two the count, gets his third strike.

Two for the game in two innings.

One two count to Peralta from Kyle Wright, two two the count, Boom! Another K.

Kyle Wright

Three total.

One o the count to the next hitter.

One one to Varsho, no luck but third out achieved.

Kyle Wright takes the mound…

Runners on second and third, no outs in the Third for Wright.

Hopefully he focuses and gets the K.

One two the count, Boom! Gets the fourth K.

Manoah same time picks up his fourth, they can hit the showers.

Robbie Ray deals…

He picks up a K in the first.

Alek Manoah

Three two, full count to Bregman…no luck but gets out the inning.

Robbie Ray has two Ks in two innings.

Robbie Roay has three Ks in two and a third of a inning but hes down four.

Two two the count, three two to Pena…no luck he walks him.

Ray is about to be booted from the game.

O and one to Diaz, no luck.

O and one to Dubon, two one the count…three one the count…

This is a terrible performance for Robbie Ray.