Call of the strikeout 3K ft. Jose Quintana, Madison Bumgarner, Joe Ryan, and Marcus Stroman

Jose Quintana

No Ks for Jose Quintana in the first for the Pirates.

Quintana deals… back out in the second, one out.

Two o count, two one, two two the count, Jose battles back, no luck but hes moving along.

Twentyfive pitches through two, no Ks.

Bumgarner is dealing…

Three o the count, three one, no luck, Bumgarner gives up his first run.

End of the first inning.

Jose Quintana is back dealing…

Has a K in the third, two outs.

One o the count, one one to Schwarber, two one, three one the count, three two the count for Jose.

Jose Quintana

Lets go Jose!!!, Boom!! Get strike number three, picks up his second K, he steady.

Bumgarner on the mound, two outs in the second, still no Ks, one one the count, one two to Rosario. Lets go Madison!

No luck.

Jose Quintana is back dealing…

Runner on first no outs to start the fourth.

Gets the first out.

Three o the count to Realmuto, three one, no luck but gets the second out.

Madison Bumgarner gets the first out in the third.

Three and o the count to Harris from Bumgarner, walks him.

Quintana gets the third out, but no K.

Runners on first and second for Bumgarner, one out.

Madison Bumgarner

O one the count to Swanson from Bumgarner, o two the count, no luck gives up a run its now, two nothing Braves.

Braves up three nothing, looks like it might be a short night for Madison.

O one the count to DArnaud.

One one, two one, four nothing.

Collasal failure of a pick.

Bumgarner gets out of the inning from hell, looks like he doesnt have electric stuff in general.

Jose Quintana deals…

O one the count, one one, one two the count, gets his third K.

Madison back up dealing, he cant find the strike zone.

Three two the count, no luck.

Still no Ks, through four.

Madison Bumgarner

Bumgarner takes the mound, which looks like one of the biggest failure picks this season…

Quick out, one one the count, one two the count, two two, no luck, two outs.

No Ks.

He gives up another run.

No Ks through five.

No luck Madison lets us down tonight.

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