MLB strikeout prop spotlight ft. Jameson Taillon, Brady Singer, Tyler Anderson, Zack Wheeler, Triston McKenzie, & Alex Wood

Jameson Taillon

7:09 in New York…

Jameson starts the first batter three two, walks the leadoff batter.

Starts Merrifield with a strike, one and one, one two count for Jameson…two two, swing and a miss, Merrifield down on Strikes! Taillon is on the board.

A o one count, no luck, Torres commits a error.

One one count to Dozier, two and one, three and one, no help from the ump, three and two…check swing but he goes around, down goes Dozier, two away, thats two for Taillon.

O one count, and Taillon gets out the inning looking like a champ.

Phillies are up three nothing to the Pirates, thats good news for Zach Wheeler.

Triston McKenzie picks up his first K of the first.

We are rocking and rolling.

Brady Singer takes the mound, on a run, career high twelve strikeouts last outing, highest usage of sinkers in the league.

Singer starts the count o and two to the newest Yankee Benintendi, and strike three, one of the toughest hitters to strikeout in the league and Singer pulls the trigger on a tough pitch.

Brady Singer

Taking his shots, one and o to Judge, one and one, two and one, two two the count, Singer has a ninetyseven mile per hour sinker.

Judge gets the walk.

Zack Wheeler begins to deal to the Pirates.

Two o count to Torres from Singer, pops him up.

Zach Wheeler picks up his first K with a runner on third in the first.

One one count for Gamel from Wheeler, two one, three one, no look, was briefly distracted but Zack Wheeler picks up two Ks in the first.

Jameson Taillon picks up his third K.

Triston Mckenzie is rolling along with three Ks, so far all is good.

Just need Singer to pick up some of the slack.

Just for your information Taillon gets number four but his night is done.

Brady Singer takes the mound…

Zack Wheeler

O two count to Donaldson, no help from the ump, one two the count… lets go Brady!

Two two the count, no luck, but Singer has a twentythree pitch count, not to bad.

Gallo takes the box, ninetyfive mile per hour sinker, one and o, two and o, three and o, three and one, three two, payoff pitch…eightyeight mile per hour slider from Brady…

Boom!!! Strike three Gallo down looking! Brady connects.

Triston Mckenzie gets his first out of the third.

Triston McKenzie

Two o count to Jeter Downs, no luck.

Triston is at thirtysix pitches cruising.

No Ks in the third for Triston.

Zack Wheeler takes the mound with 2K in the second.

O and two to Mitchell, lets go Zack!…one two count, no luck but he get the out.

O and one to Vanmeter, o and two, lets go Zack!…one and two, no Ks in the second.

Brady Singer begins to deal…

One two count, no luck.

One o to Trevino, one and one on the sinker, no help from the ump, two and one, two two, lets go Brady!!!

Caught him looking he gets the K!

This game can hit the showers.

Brady Singer

Zach Wheeler had a o and two count and Booooommmm! Gets his third K.

Another one and hes out like a champ.

Triston McKenzie deals with a man on first, nobody out.

Wheeler has a o and two count to Cruz, Boom!!!! Zach knocks the Pirates out for the count.

Back to Triston… hes battling Bogaerts, one two count, lets go Triston!!! Boom! Triston delivers like a bona-fide champ.

All our hopes are with Alex Wood and Tyler Anderson, our sights take us to the west coast.

To get this win.

9:00 p.m. in New York…

Tyler Anderson has a two nothing lead…

Good way to start the night cap.

Tyler deals…

Tyler Anderson

One one the count to Joe.

Two one, no luck, but he gets the out.

O and two count to Iglesias, no luck.

Two outs on seven pitches, one one to Bryant, one two, lets go Tyler! One two count…no luck.

O and one to Cron, no Ks for Tyler Anderson in the first.

Dogers up five nothing now in the second.

Tyler Deals…

O and two count to Rodgers, no luck.

O two count to Anderson, yes he picks up his first K, maybe he wont make me completely sweat.

Picks up another quick out.

Tyler Anderson

One and one count, and no luck but he gets out the inning unscathed.

Twenty four pitch count for Anderson, we are in pretty good shape.

Alex Wood takes the mound in a few minutes.

It would be nice for Anderson to pick up a insurance K here.

Two and o for Daza from Anderson, three and o, three and one, no luck.

O and one to Joe, one and one, no luck but two quick outs.

O and one the count, one one, still no luck, he looks like he might make us sweat.

One two count to Happ from Wood, whose thrown two walks so far.

Strike swinging for Wood, he gets a little get back huge pitch.

Two one to Suzuki no luck but Alex Wood gets out of trouble with one K.

Alex Wood

Dogers are up 8 nothing to the Rockies.

Huge layoff between innings for Tyler Anderson, I hope it doesn’t effect his mechanics or performance.

Alex wood deals…

Quick first out.

Two quick first outs, o and one the count, o and two the count, strike foul tip, yes!!!

Wood has two Ks.

Eleven nothing Dogers over the Rockies.

Finally the innings from hell is over for the Rockies, Tyler Anderson can now proceed.

Tyler gets his second K one more and we in the money.

Two outs, runners on the corner for Tyler.


O one count for tyler, o two counts, lets go Tyler!!!…

No luck, stuck at 2.

Stuck at 50 pitches flat.

Still no earned runs scored.

Three two count for Alex Wood, no luck.

No Ks for Wood or Anderson.

Looks a little bleak, or I may be over reacting.

Tyler Anderson deals…

Quick first out.

O one the count…o and two to Daza lets go Tyler…

Tyler Anderson

One two…no luck.

One one to Joe, one two lets go Tyler its put up or shut up time…no love.

Hopefully he comes back out for the sixth, I know the Dogers manager is quick to take pitchers out.

Hes only at 62 pitches, surely hell come back out in the sixth.

Alex Wood goes the third with no Ks.

Things are looking a little bleak.

Middle of the sixth for Tyler.

Still no luck with Tyler.

Boom!!! Tyler gets the dam K.

Hes a legend.

Alex Wood

Now all eyes on Alex Wood.

Giants are up three one and Wood has three Ks.

Three Ks in the fourth for Wood.

45 pitches on the pitch count.

Alex Wood has a no hitter going.

Wood deals, one and one to Suzuki…

One and two lets go Alex!!!

Two two count…no luck but wood gets out the inning.

All indications is that he will come back out for the fifth, god willing.


11:12 p.m. …….

End of the fourth for the Giants, Alex Wood hopefully takes the mound for the fifth, why not?

He does have a no hitter going!

Quick first out for Wood.

Bottom of the order coming up for the Cubs here.

One one to Wisdom, one two, lets go Alex!!! Two two the count…no luck.

Wood gets a quick two outs.

Two o the count, two one, Alex is fighting back, two two the count, payoff pitch here…

He gets through the fifth with no Ks but he still has a no hitter, thats got to lead me to believe hes coming back out there.

He sitting at sixty three pitches.

Threw ninetythree pitches last game, against the Dogers.

Alex Wood

End of the fifth.

Alex wood is back out there…

Quick first out.

O one to Morel, quick second out.

O and one to Contreras, o two count, payoff pitch here…one and two…two two the count…three two the payoff pitch…no luck.

He still has the no hitter going.

Does this mean we will have another shot in the seventh?

Wood is at 79 pitches.

End of the sixth…

Alex Wood is back out there.

Gives up a hit.

One one count to Suzuki.., one two count for Suzuki…two two count, no luck but he gets the out.

Two outs in the inning, its the final countdown.

O and one to Wisdom…he gets a homerun to add insult to injury.

Wood get hit out the game.