Snakes, Giants & Bullet Strikeouts ft. Lucas Giolito, Logan Webb, Zac Gallen, Luis Castillo, Tyler Wells, & Nathan Eovaldi

Lucas Giolito

3:30 pm in New York…Two two to Blackmon, Lucas gives up a homer, not the way we want to start.

Two two to Hampson, no luck.

One two to Bryant, Bryant gets on second.

O two to Cron, Lucas is getting hit up, its two nothing Rockies.

Hopefully he can get out the first at this point.

O one to Rodgers, Rockies look to have a quality lineup, o two count for Lucas, finally Lucas gets his first K!

After a bunch of two strike at bats, at least we pick a K up.

Rockies score run number three, Lucas might be in for a short night.

One and one to Mcmahon, one and two, three and two, payoff pitch…no luck he walks him.

28 pitches in the inning, he only went 64 pitches last start when he gave up 6 to the Guardians.

Lucas Giolito

This is lackluster at its best, one and two to Diaz, couldn’t even get us a second K that inning.

Hopefully that was a huge hiccup.

Zac Gallen takes the mound, hopefully he does better.

O one to Pederson, pop up.

Two and two to Flores, ump is no help, full count, and no luck.

Giants go down in order.

Giolito picks up his second K, if he can deliver he makes up for everything and I take back what I said.

O one to Blackmon.

Logan Webb takes the mound making start number twenty one.

Giolito gets another quick out, just what the doctor ordered, thats a good sign.

Marte hits a solo homerun on Webb.

Logan Webb

That doesnt happen very much to Webb, its a shock when it does happen.

Two one to Hampson from Giolito, two two, lets go Lucas!!!, three two to Hampson…

Webb got a K with a changeup to get on the board!!!.

Boommmm! Lucas Giolito puts in the work, he gets the third K, I take back what i said, rebuke me.

Now we need Gallen to get some get back, I mean come on he does have a one nothing lead against the Giants whose line up has been in flux with injury and change all year, surely he can muster some Ks.

Gallen deals, out number one.

Gallen seventeen pitches cruising, one one to Gonzalez, two ground balls two outs in the second.

Two outs nobody on for Estrada, when Thairo doesn’t start the Giants have a losing record.

Two two to Estrada here, big pitch here, crowd gets into it a little, almost gets him, three two the count… boom! Curveballlllll got him looking, ump rang up the K so smooth.

So now Gallen is on the board with a K where we need him to be in the second.

Zac Gallen

Webb now can start chopping wood for us, if he gets some getback for the Diamondbacks scoring that run earlier, Diamondbacks are doing a lot better this year.

Webb takes the mound…

One one count to Peralta, fifth career start against the Diamondbacks for Webb.

One two count…grounder to first, one away.

Webb only throws the slider, sinker, and changeup and hes looking for groundballs.

Two down Webb is on eighteen pitches, cruising.

Mccarthy up, one o, two one, three and one, fight back Logan, three and two, good slider, thats what im talking about, payoff pitch, no luck.

But he gets three groundballs, ehhh.

Gallen takes the mound, its put up time now, he gets out number one to start the third.

Fastball strike one to Wynns, I smell a strikeout victim, one and one, curveball one and two, lets go Zac!!!

Zac Gallen

Giants thrive on grinding pitchers down, two and two, three and two… payoff pitch…kill pitch here, long at bat, Wynns battling, strike one for a pitcher is important, long at bat here.

Gallen shook off six different signs, pop up. Scary out.

Gallen has six different pitches.

O and two to LaStella, crowd gets into it pay off pitch ….

Boom!!! Got him to chase with a high fast ball.

What craftsmanship and gamesmenship from Gallen.

Thats two Ks not to bad not to good but we are cruising, he might cut it short.

Its now Webbs turn in the bargain.

O one to Herrera, o and two, lets go Logan!, down the middle made him look foolish Webb mows him down putting on for his city.

2 Ks, for Logan, one and two count for Rojas, two two, almost got him to chase…three two count, lets go Webb.

Got him with the sliderrrr!!! Two more strikeouts this inning the B team is regulating.

One more and Logan Webbs night is done.

Zac Gallen takes the mound in the fourth, two and two to Pederson… no luck, one away.

Logan Webb

One one count for Gallen, one two count on Flores, lets go Zac!!!

Two two count, threw him the knucklecurve.

Three two count, Flores doubles.

O and one to Belt, got the call o and two to Belt, im assuming hes going to protect?

Two two count Belt hasnt chased, another one, pitch bounces, three and two…

Three two fouled away.

Gallen went with the cheese, he went up and got the call exactly where Herrera wanted the pitch, tough tough at bat for Belt but booommmm!

Third K I believe, one more Gallen hits the showers for the night a champ and a credit worthhy citizen to boot.

One o to Gonzalez, one one, runner on third the whole time, three and one, Herrera tells Gallen to keep it down.

Gallen flirted with the fastball, didnt want to challenge him, runners on the corner, the pitching coach comes out just to give him a breather, very dangerous sign, what the hells the Pitching coach is coming out for.

Supposedly the Diamondbacks have frequent meetings all the time, shouldn’t they have clues?


Strike one to Thairo, Gallen has a ninetyfive mile per hour fastball, im impressed.

Estrada squares up like he might bunt and takes a slider bang bang, now its o and two.

Lets go Gallen…the Giants tie the game a o two two strike hit, that was a money at bat for Esstrada but not for us.

Seventy one pitch count, Gallen might make us sweat, is this the at bat they were looking for?

Curveball in there one and one.

Two and one, two and two this the real high leverage money pitch here lets go Zac!!!, important moment in the game, seventyfive pitches, two to one Giants, they made something happen.

Gallen got him swinging can you believe it Gallen got so mad he threw a ninetysix miles per hour fastball down the middle, hes throwing junk the whole game.

But he gets the K.

Well done mr. Zac Gallen welldone! You can hit the showers.

All we need is Webb to get one more K and our afternoon well have started most excellent.

Logan has to be feeling good he has the lead and hes throwing strikes

Two two to Thomas lets go Webb!!Boom! Webb gets out of here.

Ill see him next week.


6:36 in New York….

Two thirds of the A team will be dealing soon, and a third of the B team will be looking to push the envelope.

Luis Castillo deals, one out.

O two count to Aguilar, Boommm! He rings him up lovely way to start the evening capper off right!

One one to Bleday, and can someone say strikeout victim Boom! what a way for Luis Castillo to start the night.

The B team have performed miraculous, kind of makes me question, my A team picks.

Luis Castillo picks up another K for number three on the night, we are two away, Reds up four over the Marlins.

Tyler Wells took the mound and gave up a homer to Choi.

He did register a K, hopefully he has a bounce back inning or retires the side.

Eovaldi gets no Ks in the first, my A team.

Luis Castillo Deals…

Castillo gives up a solo homer, no harm no foul.

Luis Castillo

Tyler Wells gives up another home run three nothing rays, things are getting dicey.

One two count for Wells, and Wells picks up his second K.

Hes getting hit up but at least he has two Ks to show for it.

Eovaldi gives up a double in the second.

Luis Castillo just picked up his fourth strikeout, one more and the B team will sweep the card!

Four Ks in three innings for Luis Castillo.

I think its safe to say hes getting his fifth and will minimize any collateral damage left over from the faultering “A team”.

Tyler Wells is chugging along with Three Ks, one more and he hits the showers early.

Nathan Eovaldi is having major issues, he hasnt goten a out in the second with runners on the corners.

Eovaldi gives up a run, its one nothing Guardians.

Tyler Wells

Twenty seven pitch count for Eovaldi.

One two count to Hedges, two nothing Guardians but Eovaldi gets his first out, he needs to settle down.

One one to Straw, two one, two two, lets go Nathan!

Eovaldi is now down three nothing.

One two to Kwan, no luck.

O one to Rosario, one and one, no luck but Eovaldi gets out the inning from hell.

Luis Castillo deals…

He gives up another solo homerun.

Again no harm no foul lets continue to deal.

O and 1 to Diaz, o and two, one and two, two and two, no luck.

Tyler Wells picks up his fourth K hes outta here.

But Nathan has taken a beating.

Nathan Eovaldi

Two outs in the fourth for Castillo.

No Ks for Castillo in the fourth.

Dalbec hits a two run shot for Eovaldi, hopefully he can have a couple fast innings and some fast Ks, it doesnt look good at all.

Eovaldi looks like he settling down but he still has no Ks.

Hes at 50 pitches in the third.

Castillo deals…

Gets his first out in the fifth.

Three innings for Eovaldi no Ks.

Castillo another inning with no Ks but I’m still confident hell deliver.

Luis Castillo deals…

O and one to Bleday who hit a homer off him earlier, o and two count…one two, Booom! He picks up his fifth, he minimized the damage at least.

Luis Castillo

Tonights not a total failure.

Runners on the corner for Eovaldi o and two count, he picks up his first K.

Fiftyeight pitches for Eovaldi.

One and one to Kwan, Guardians score again four to two.

One and one to Rosario, no luck, they are about to give Eovaldi the boot, I know I am.

One one to Ramirez, one two, no luck.

O and one to Naylor, this game is pretty much over.

Redsox make it a one run game.

Im done.