Strikeout Enterprise ft. Keegan Thompson, Pablo Lopez, Jordan Montgomery, Taijuan Walker, & Luis Garcia

Keegan Thompson

Keegan Thompson starts the game off with a swinging K, beautiful.

Strike one against Reynolds, one and one, he grounds out, two away.

Starts off Hayes with a strike looking, one and one, and Hayes swings through the next pitch, one and two, two balls, two strikes, and a pop up.

Thompson gets the Pirates one, two, three in the first.

Cubs give Keegan a two nothing lead in the first, not bad.

The score is three nothing now.

Keegan is back dealing…

One one count, gives up a leadoff single.

One one to Mitchell batting 204, one and two count…, gets him swinging on high heat, with a elevated fastball, four seamer.

Not bad, in good shape 2Ks in two innings, and starts Allen off with a strike.

Keegan Thompson

One two count to Allen! Lets go Thompson!, two two count, misses downstairs, full count…, Boom! Gets his third K.

This might be a early punch out day.

Can he strike out the side?

O one to Cruz, the Pirates phenom, and gets him to pop up.

Three Ks in two innings, what more can we ask for, feeling good.

Keegan is back dealing in the third, only allowed one hit so far.

O two count to Vanmeter batting 190, lets go Keegan!, one two, swingggg and a miss.

Keegan starts the day off right at 3 p.m.

His night is over, ours is just beginning.


Pablo Lopez is due up next…

O one to Drury, one one, no luck.

O two to Pham, one two, Boom! Gets his first K.

One o to Votto, two o, two one, two two…, Boom!!! Got em, two Ks in the first. Beautiful!

Marlins are threatening on Greene.

Jose Berrios one of our wardens of the Strikeout takes the mound.

O two to Edman, one two, no luck.

Taijuan Walker begins to deal as well…

Berrios two two to Carlson, he gives up a homer.

O one to Judge from Walker, one and one, two one, two two, full count, Judge homers.

Pablo Lopez

Pablo Lopez is back dealing…

Taijuan Walker gives up another homer this time to Rizzo….

One two to Moustakas from Lopez, and Pablo picks up his third K.

The one bright spot this evening.

Walker deals to Carpenter, one one count, one two count, lets go Walker! No luck, no Ks in the first.

Pablo Lopez picks up another K, his night is over like a champ.

Blue Jays just went up two one, hopefully this puts a little more juice in Berrios back to perform, all eyes on him right now.

Jordan Montgomery takes the mound… two quick strikes on Nimmo, one two on what looked like a third strike, no help from the ump.

Nimmos battling, two and two, another close one not called, I think the ump is in on it.

No luck for the first out.

Jose Berrios

O one to Marte, o and two, lets go Jordan…one and two, and he gives up a homer.

O and two to Lindor… lets go Jordan, Lindor is battling, not what we want, one and two, no luck, Lindor smacks a double.

Things are not going good at all.

Jordan can still save the game, if he settles down but the Mets are hitting him hard.

Jordan is approaching his twentieth pitch, one and o, misses with the curve, a strike finally, two and one, three one the count, Alonso ropes him.

Tie game, o one to Canha, o and two, we need this, lets go J!

One and two, Blue Jays make it three one for Berrios which we are going to need and Jordan catches Canha looking.

Thats exactly what we needed, if Jordan gets another that would be huge, a small price to pay for the inning from hell we endured.

Escobar smacks a two run homerun, this inning cant get any worse.

Jordan gets a visit from the pitching coach, this is not good.

Jordan Montgomery

Two o to McNeil, Jordan needs to get out of this inning fast, pitch number thirty three and finally he gets a out.

Is this what we have to expect for the rest of the night?

Walker and Berrios deal next, they both should be pleased.

The only one im pulling the alarm for is Jordan but hopefully he settles down from here on out, its our only option.

Two two to Donovan for Berrios, no K.

Walker deals as well…

O two count for Walker against Hicks, lets go Walker!, Hicks gets a hit.

No Ks for Berrios, hes going to make us sweat.

Walker is getting hit up, still no Ks, two one to Trevino, two two the count, the crowd gets wild, full count now…,thirtieth pitch for Walker and no luck but Taijuan ends the inning.

Two innings, still no Ks for Walker.

Taijuan Walker

Montgomery takes the mound…

O and one to Davis, o and two, lets go J! No luck.

O and one to Nido, o and two lets go J!! Nido battles, big pitch here.

Yes, swing and miss, we catch a small break but still a huge up hill battle but huge pitch by Jordan.

Jordan gets out the inning, ehh.

Berrios and Walker take the mounds…

Walker starts on Lemahieu, one pitch one out.

Two outs, two on.

Berrios picks up a huge K in the third.

Two two to Carpenter from Walker, huge pitch for Walker, Yankees pushing Walkers pitch count.

Taijuan Walker

Hes at forty seven pitches, still two two as Carpenter battles, big K opportunity here…, swing and a miss, he gets Carpenter to get out a jam.

Berrios has a one and two count to Edman, no luck.

One out with two man on in the third for Berrios.

One and one to Carlson from Berrios, he gives up another run to the Cardinals.

Jordan has a one two count to Marte! Lets go Jordan!!

Marte battles…., Berrios gets his third K, one more and we are home free.

Marte rips a double, but Jose is where the action is at, hes the difference from ruthless damage to minimized damage.

O two count to Pujols from Jose,!!!

Montgomery has a two and o count as well to Lindor!

One two count to Lindor…

Jose Berrios

Cardinals score again.

Two two count to Lindor, Lindor battles, not a good sign.

One two count for Berrios…

Lindor gets on with a error, hopefully Boone doesnt penalize Jordan for that.

They may check the replay on that.

Berrios still has the one two count, and booommmmm!!!!!!!!! Berrios gets the K, he minimizes the damage, not what we wouldve liked but hey, what can you do.

All eyes on Jordan and TaiJuan now.

The ball is in their court.

Berrios prevails.

One two count to Alonso, Jordan gets him with a curveball.

Jordan Montgomery

Big pitch here to Alonso from Jordan.

Ump not giving Jordan any calls, now two two pitch here big payoff pitch here, sixty two pitches for Jordan in the third…

Another close strike that the ump is not calling, hes supposed to be a pitcher friendly ump, is Jordan just missing?

He walks him still no outs.

Matt Blake talks with Montgomery, they are going to get the bullpen busy, not looking good at all.

Foul ball from Canha, o and one count, one one the count, sixtysixth pitch for Jordan.

One and two, lets go Jordan!

Two two the count, Canha is battling doesnt want to go down for a second time, Jordan needs this bad…

Swing and a miss Jordan gets the Strikeout.

Jordan is trying to be a legend, legend! In my book but he has sevety pitches but Jordan is coming out ridiculous.

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