MLB arms arsenal ft. Max Fried, Ranger Suarez, Sean Manaea, & JT Brubaker

Max Fried

Max Fried has no Ks in the first inning, hopefully we can get some get back in the second.

Still in pretty good shape, Suarez registers 2Ks in the first, and so does Sean Manaea.

This night starts successful no matter what happens.

Suarez is in trouble with the Braves, bases loaded in the second.

Suarez and Harris, lefty on lefty matchup, first pitch sinker.

Another sinker over, that evens up the count one and one, and Braves score two on the terrible throw by Camargo.

One one the count with the cutter from Ranger, one two count…

Two and two to Acuna, lets go Ranger!, three nothing Braves after a wild pitch.

Three two count on Acuna, payoff pitch, and no luck, but he gets out the inning.

A lot of damage done.

Ranger Suarez

Sean Manaea already picked up his 4th K in the second his night is done.

Manaea gets the comeback award because he didn’t come threw for us last time around but he made up for it this time around.

One down three to go.

We need Max Fried to get going.

He does have a three nothing lead, hopefully he keeps his focus, Phillies are known to strikeout.

Runners on third and second on Max with two outs, still no Ks.

O one count, Max at 21 pitches, one and one the count, getting towards the bottom of the phillies order.

Big swing and a miss on top of the slow curve.

Max had a lot of rest, one two count his first strikeout of the game and Boom! Gets the K.

There was only one out but big K for Max, for one he puts us on the board and two he gets a little insurance out the deal.

No panic from Max but there is a frown on his face.

Max Fried

Max where’s a scowl all the time, and about the most bizarre two out double you will ever see in your life, Braves give up 2.

Hopefully this slaps Max at attention, I can use 2ks in two innings, next batter against Camargo who wants to make up for the error.

That has to be the weakest double I ever seen in my life.

Bottom of the second, one one from Max, two one, two two the count… lets go Max!!! Number nine hitter in the lineup.

Two two pitch, Curveeee ball got emmmmmmm….!!!! Strikeout number two from Max! He gets out of trouble.

Two more Ks and this two leg same game parlay delivers chicken.

Well I still need a K from Suarez, but he should be feeling a lot better getting some payback with two runs.

One and one from Ranger Suarez.

One and two the count, come on! Put em away Ranger, Suarez doesn’t play any games.

Ranger Suarez

Two and two the count…three and two and coming up on 50 pitches in the ball game, a little concerned but he just needs one more K… lets go.

Three two to Dansby Swanson.

Ranger is probably on a pitch count.

Swanson is battling, no luck.

Two outs, for Ranger, top of the third inning, Riley doubles.

Theres 64 games left for the Braves this season, no Ks for Ranger, hopefully he can get some get back in the fourth, Max’s next inning is huge, sweat or no sweat.

Top of the order for the Phillies.

Curveball from Fried drops in for a strike.. nothing and two, lets go Max!

No luck.

One out, first pitch from Fried, a slider for a strike on Hoskins, one ball one strike.

40 pitches from Max 29 strikes havent walked any one.

Two one count on Hoskins, two and two the count, missed high with a changeup, three two count, the good news for Max he has his arsenal going.


The MLB arms arsenal…

Swung on and tipped into the mit, fastball 91 looked liked a sinker for strike three, he picks up his third in the third.

Another fastball called strike, and Max gives up his third run.

Its a gift and a curse.

One ball no strikes, swung on missed, fastball 94 from Fried.

Two one count, two two the count, big pitch coming up.

Three two count on Darnaud, big pitch coming up, only in the third inning, Max looking for the K and no luck but the bottom of the third inning is over.

JT Brubaker has a ten pitch first inning, no strikeouts.

6 Ks away from a winning night, 6 Ks is whats in between winning and losing.

Three arms arsenal brigade at work.

JT Brubaker

Suarez has a pitch count…. not good, but one two count, lets go Ranger! He faces Ozuna.

Two two, swung on and miss, went back to the changeup, for Suarez his third K of the game, he meets his quota and im glad to be out of that one.

Fried and Brubaker are now are arms in power now.

The power to grant chicken or feathers.

Will they be granting chicken?

JT Brubaker has a one o lead.

Two two count, on Happ for JT.

No luck.

Max Fried is done for the night him, Suarez and Manaea can hit the showers.

Now its all on JT who just gave up a leadoff double to Happ while the Pirates are up one in the bottom of the second.

JT Brubaker

Cubs tie it up.

O one to Wisdom.

One one, no luck.

Two two to Schwindel, lets go JT! No Ks in two innings, he needs to pick it up big time, only 27 pitches so its still early but my night isn’t over.

JT Brubaker SO9, or Strikeouts over nine innings is 9.3, his so/w or strikeouts to walk ratio is 2.43.

JT back dealing…

One two to Rivas…Boom! Gets his first K, its about time!

Gets another quick out, next at bat determines sweat meter.

Two balls, no strikes to Ortega, Ortega Homer’s, not the best of news but he should be mad and strikeout the next guy.

O one the count, o two the count, lets go JT! No luck to Contreras.


Two balls no strikes to Suzuki, JT gets out the inning with only 1K.

He, needs three to go, at least we are on the board, hopefully he does better with the bottom half of the lineup.

JT is cutting it seriously short for us, this is a big inning for JT.

JT Brubaker deals…

Two one count to Hoerner, two two, three two, pay off pitch, no luck, o one to Wisdom.

Brubaker is in trouble with runners on second and third, with one out, its not looking good for Brubaker, one and one to Schwindel.

Two and one, hes getting behind hitters, three one, three two, lets go JT! No luck.

Pitch count is at 57, not sure how to take this.

O one to Rivas, o two to Rivas, JT has given up a lot of hits, and he picks up his second strikeout, im still not happy, and on a hell of a edge, but thats what was needed and that what was done.

Need two more going into the fifth, not sure if JT can withstand the on slaught that is the Cubs, and Chicago fans, we can use him to strikeout the side, that would be epic, but I can only dream.

Lets see what happens in the fifth.

JT Brubaker

Pirates are threatening, Brubaker awaits.

Pirates tie the game two two, hopefully this gives JT meaning and hope, and fire and teanacity to want to go out there and strike out the side, get ahead of those hitters.

Middle of the fifth, its put up or shut up time.

JT is back out dealing, needing two Ks quota, theres a warrant out on the Cubs hitters, we want Ks.

JT takes the mound, o one the count, Morel is tough in my book.

O two, Boommmmm! Big Booommmmmm JT delivers on epic porpotions!!!

JT Brubaker

Morel goes down, now one o the count, two and one to Ortega who took him deep earlier, three one, hes got to want revenge.., no luck but a quick out.

All we need is one more K to ring up…

O one to Contreras undoubtedly there best hitter, JT had him with two strikes earlier.

No luck but he gets out the inning, 70 pitches, going into the sixth, wished I would’ve asked for Three but screw it, we are here now, its a payoff inning in the sixth for JT.

Still the game is tied two two.

Sampson goes back out there and gets two outs on 76 pitches, impressive.

Hopefully this means JT can stay hot and go back out there after notching his Third K last inning, hes over due for some Ks isnt he, bottom of the order?

Sampson escapes the sixth not sure whats in his managers head, if he will take the seventh, all I care about is JT pitching the Sixth and Seventh! Pitching the seventh would be huge!

Bottom of the sixth JT deals…

Two runs and six hits for each team, tie game.

O one the count, he faces Susuki, one and one, lets get ahead of him, no luck but he gets a quick out.

JT Brubaker

O one to Happ who doubled off him earlier, he gets on.

Going deeper to the bottom of the order, Suzuki out the way, now Happ.

One o to Hoerner, two one, no luck but two outs, things are getting dicey.

O one to Wisdom, o two, hes out ahead, lets get one, one two!!!…

JT delivers!!!!