House of the Strikeout ft. Sandy Alcantara, Nestor Cortes, Sonny Gray, Shane Bieber, & Dylan Cease

Nestor Cortes

Nestor deals…, quick one two count to Mullins, now two two, and Boommm!!! He owns Mullins, catches him swinging.

Strikeout number one on pitch five.

Quick o two count to Mountcastle, and he battles.

Sandy has a o two count to Newman on a side note.

Check swing Newman goes around, swing and miss, first K for Sandy.

Nestor deals… one and two to Mountcastle, he is still battling.

Boom! caught him loooooookingggggg…..!!! Nasty Nestor strikes again two Ks in the first inning.

On a big time note, Sandy has a couple of strikeouts to start the day.

O and one to Hayes from Sandy.

O and two to Hayes… Sandy looks locked in.

Sandy Alcantara

One and two swing! and missssss!!! Sandy strikes out the side!!!

So far this day is epic for the House of Strikeout.

I check on Sonny Gray.

Twins give him a one nothing lead, we are going to need it.

Analytics says go Sonny Gray but hes a wild card.

Twins up two now for Sonny Gray, he even has a nice comfortable lead to throw strikes now.

Nasty Nestor is back dealing…

Runners on first and third with one out for Nasty.

Sandy is back two and two to Gamel…

Nestor has a two two count to Nevin, hugeeee pitch here.

Nestor Cortes

No luck for Sandy on Gamel.

Three two to Nevin for Nestor, big pitch coming up, number 25, and he gets it!

Third strikeout for Cortes!!!! Big pitch as well.

Sandy has a o two pitch to Allen… all he needs is one more… check swing doesn’t matter he has retired the first sixth batters of the order.

He gets the fourth K.

Nestor Cortes, has a one two count to Chironos.. another big pitch.

Nasty Nestor!! And Sandy Alcantaraaaaa hit the showers early.

Never underestimate the others guys strikeout.

There days are done.

I check on Sonny Black? No Sonny Gray.

Sonny Gray

Twins gave him a three nothing lead and he has one K in the first.

We are rocking steady.

Now we are headed to the big boys, Cease and Bieber! From the southside of Chicago!

Dylan Cease is as dominant as any pitcher in the American League.

Dylan Cease is dealing…

Second in the league in strikeouts.

Two two count, and no luck.

Back to back two out singles on Cease.

He gets out the inning, no Ks.

Shane Bieber takes the mound…

Has a put away slider, 4 wins 5 losses averages 9 strikeouts.

Shane Bieber

One and two to Pollock, count evens two and two, White Sox do not walk, they are up there swinging, full count now, and no luck.

Bieber is in a little trouble.

He works out of it no Ks.

I check on Sonny Gray, he has two Ks in two innings. Two more and we are home free.

Dylan Cease is on the mound now, a single starts the inning.

Two two to Clement, no luck.

One and one the count, one ball two strikes to Hedges…, two and two, full count now, Cease not as sharp here in the opening innings.

Pay off pitch, strike threeeee! Delayed call but huge, we are on the board!

Guardians are making Dylan Cease work here.

Heck of a matchup cease 13Ks per inning and Guardians best in the league in not striking out.

Dylan Cease

One two, in the dirt, wild pitch, runner on third no score, two two count…,

Cease from the set the two two, down low full count..

Pay off pitch, right here, lets go Dylan!

Strike three called on the slider!!! After a inning and a half still no score.

Cease has two Ks I believe.

I check on Sonny Gray.

He’s dealing to Schoop, one one, two one, Gray has a no hitter going through the third.

Shane Bieber gives up his second hit.

No luck for Gray on Schoop.

Bieber has a o and two count…pitch? Swing and miss the batter chases a slider in the dirt! Hes on the board.

Shane Bieber

Gray has a one two count on Castro, now two two, full count, no luck, 2Ks in three innings.

Shane Bieber gives up a two run homer to the Whitesox, has a o and two count currently, down low, one and two, no luck, Bieber cant put away guys today not going to be out there very long, this day can go down the tubes if he doesnt get back on track.

Bieber is getting hit hard. Two on one out.

Looks like the layoff is affecting Bieber big time, this is the critical moment in the game, and he gives up a homer theres your blow out smh.

Bieber might be out there regardless score wise? Would be what we need, he doesn’t have the same velocity he had years ago.

He finally gets out the inning from hell.

Cease has a five nothing lead.

Two and two the count, full count, waived at, third K for Cease.

O and two the count, one and two, two and two, no luck.

Im feeling a little better, Gray just picked up his third K in the fourth, just one more and he will minimize the damage of the collasal, inning from hell doom with two swings by the Whitesox.

Sonny Gray

One two count on Naylor for Cease, one two pitch, time is called.

Side note Gray picked up his fourth K so we will minimize the damage.

Do we still have a shot? I don’t know. Im beaten already, im a shell of myself, im shell shocked by the White Sox, can I go on?

Five nothing Sox, o one pitch, o two, one ball two strikes, and no luck but Cease gets the double play.

Shane Bieber dealing, one and one the count, one and two the count, big at bat here…, two and two, lets go Bieber!

No luck, but he gets out the inning unscathed

Shane Bieber is at 47 pitches through three innings and only has 1K, can he pick it up?

Im defeated.

Dylan Cease takes the mound, hes still clocking in with his lunch pale, and getting the job done.

O and two the count, one and two to Miller, Cease looks like hes finding his rhythm, and no luck.

Two down, five nothing Chicago leads, Clement to the plate.

Shane Bieber

One and two on Clement, cloudy skies may rain, and no luck.

Shane Bieber needs to retire the side.

One and one to Engel, counts now one and two, fastball called strike three, thats his second strikeout. Two down.

O and two…. lets go Bieber!

Swing and a miss strike three, good quick inning for Bieber.

He didn’t retire the side with three Ks but he got two, now he has three total….

Two more to go… hmmmm. Is this happening, is he representing for the House of Strikeout?

56 pitches through four innings for Bieber… I think hes just fooling, hes trying to get my hopes up.

Dylan Cease takes the mound and deals.

Cloudy skies maybe some rain in Chicago, just great, thats all I need, this day cant get any better, should count my blessings, I was able to minimize the damage but i want more!

Dylan Cease

One and two to Cease, lets go Dylan!!

Two and two count, and no luck, two up and two down.

Back to the start of the lineup for Kwann, Cease has been fairly economical and that has been a issue for him.

Cease takes a line drive on the back, whats this world coming to, everything in this game is trying to go wrong for me, Cease is a tough guy, he takes a line drive off his back and just continues mowing down hitters.

He should of been a All Star for either team.

The side is retired but no Ks. Its crazy Bieber and Cease has the same amount of Ks.

Theres a warrant out for four Ks, two Ks each going into the fifth.

Cutting it real short but this game will teach and show a lot on what it takes to get a K.

Bieber deals, one pitch one out, ok. Bieber has retired 8 in a row looks to only have had a hickup

Shane Bieber

O and two to Pollock who took him deep earlier.

No luck. Two down in the inning.

Amazing the turnaround for Bieber has really settled in from the second inning only has about 60 pitches.

This will be huge if he pitches deep today.

After a game night double header the bullpen is pressed.


Two strikes…, swing and a miss Abreu is down on strikes the warrant calls for three strikeouts now, two for Cease with a five nothing lead.

What a strange game in Chicago, Bieber looks locked in.

O two count on Reyes from Cease…, looking for win number 10, Reyes takes, locked him up strike out number four, Reyes doesnt like the call.

We now have a warrant of just two strikeouts for the House of Strikeout.

Cease is literally way beyond 65 pitches in the game.

Two and o to Miller, last inning for Cease. Sox bullpen is busy, three and one, Guardians at the corners, pitching coach walks slowly to the mound?


Clement is at bat, no matter the result its his final hitter, bullseye one and one the count lets go Dylan!, two and one, dam this day is over.

If there ever was a game to let Cease come out again it would be this one.

White Sox lead six nothing.

Near the end for Bieber the Guardians bullpen is busy.

Im in the dirt, im in the ground and I just was resurected I have life!

They throw Dylan Cease out there for the seventh!

it was a false alarm.

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