Usual Suspects, Justin Verlander, Alek Manoah, & Logan Gilbert

Justin Verlander

Start number five for Justin Verlander against the Mariners.

10 and 3 for Logan Gilbert in the first half, one of the best pitchers, good work ethic, great matchup between a young righthander and the the cagey veteran in Verlander.

Two two pitch for Gilbert to Altuve, and a swing and a miss, a breaking ball for strike three, Logan Gilbert has a strikeout already, Beautiful!

O two to Pena, Gilbert is throwing heaters, swing and a miss on the slider! Back to back strikeouts, two up two down, two Ks so far just two more and Logan is done.

Count one and two to Alvarez, Logan is going right at the Astro hitters, a swing and a strike three! 98 mph heater. He strikes out the side.

Logan Gilbert

What a start for Logan Gilbert, he is fired up.

Can Justin Verlander meet the quota and go above and beyond as well? Well see.

I check on Alek Manoah to see how hes doing against the Red Sox.

He struck out the first batter.

Its raining strikeouts this Saturday in July.

Alek Manoah

Verlander deals!

O and two on Ty from the Mariners, two two to Ty, no luck.

Manoah is two two to a hitter, no luck.

Verlander retires the side, no Ks in the first.

Logan Gilbert deals….

O and one the count, Logan will get that fastball to 98 to 99!

Logan Gilbert

Catches Bregman looking with a heater of 96 mph, its almost not fair, razor sharp to start the game.

Gilbert is done for the day, early day, our hopes are with Verlander now.

Verlander deals, two and one to Suarez, three and one the count, leading things off, count is full! We need this K.

Swingggggg and a miss strike three, one away in the second.

Now we do need five total, but getting that one out the way really helps out.

Justin Verlander

Verlander 16 years in the league.

3,121 career strikeouts, count is even on Moore two balls, two strikes, and in there!!!! For strikeout number two, caught him looking, two strikeouts in the inning. Three more to go with only two innings in the book, pretty good shape.

Alek Manoah gives up a homer but no harm no foul, lets keep dealing.

Manoah registets his second K, ok Alek thats what im talking about, fight back, two more to go with Alek.

Alek Manoah

Two more to go for Justin and we are in the dough bread.

Hopefully Verlander can get out of here early, Gilbert gets his fifth K fyi.

Verlander in a o two count!

Another strikeout, thats three for Verlander, two more to go.

Manoah gets some help and the Blue Jays go up two to one against the Red Sox on a side note.


Verlander so far three strikeouts, in three innings, I guess I have to take that no?

Manoah two and two count and no luck.

Manoah o and one the count, one and one, two and two, no luck.

O and two and no luck Alek two strikeouts in three innings, hopefully I can get some get back in the fourth.

Verlander deals….


O and one to Santana, one ball and two strikes now, and no luck two up and two down seven in a row set down by Verlander.

I smell a potential strikeout victim in Suarez, o and one.

Verlander won twenty games a couple times in his career.

The count is now o and two to Suarez, two balls and two strikes the count. Swinggggggg and a miss thats K number four for Verlander in the fourth.

Seem to be in good shape Manoah has two in three, only needs four and Verlander has four in four needing one more.

Verlander looks like he can handle the extra insurance then a Manoah but both look like they want to come to the bank with me, I mean they are both pitching beautifully, just a little help from the umps, a little umph here and we move on.

Manoah deals soon.


Manoah two two count, hes getting to the second strike.

No luck.

Hes at 63 pitches im a little concerned, hes trying to make me sweat, but lets give him the benefit of the doubt.

O one to Sanchez, has to be a strikeout victim.

On a side note Verlander picks up his fifth, hes done for the day.

O two count for Manoah! Come on Manoah!

Boom!!! He gets his third strikeout in the fourth, he wants to come to the bank with me.

Alek Manoah

Manoah deals… o and two the count! To Downs! Potential victim.

Two two count! Lets go Alek!

Boom!!! Manoah gets the fourth. Now maybe ill hit the showers between double headers.