Braveheart Analytics, featuring: Marcus Stroman, Joe Ryan, Jose Quintana, & Chris Bassitt

Marcus Stroman

Joe Ryan is given a lead by the Twins up one, but we focus on Marcus Stroman.

Marcus deals….in there for a strike three, three strikes hes out Schwarber, Boom!!!

Two more to go.

Stroman spent some time on the injured list, pitched well in two starts against the Dogers and Mets but I dont know how much leash they will give him.

Stroman can be effective with his change of speeds and 93 mph sinker.

One K one inning for Stroman… not bad Marcus.

Cubs give Stroman a lead one nothing.

Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan deals…

Strike threee!!! To start things.

One one count to Baez, three one count, three two count, and breaking ball strike three back to back punch out for Joe Ryan!

On a side note was briefly distracted but I see Stroman has made it to two innings with just one K.

Two two count for Joe, and fly ball.

Stroman starts the bottom of the third.

Two outs pass, back to Schwarber.

Two two count! No help from the ump, smh.

He walks him, pure junk from the ump, big time no calls.

O one to Hoskins, Stroman sitting on thirty five pitches.

O two count for Stroman!!! Come on Marcus…

Caught him looking, it look like the ump felt bad and gave him this call this time. Thats what im talking about Marcusssssss.

Marcus Stroman

Let me check the official tissue stats, yup.

Stroman two Ks in three innings. We are in the running.

Joe Ryan deals…

Braveheart Analytics come in for us and Ryan gets his third easy.

We focus on Stroman.

Cubs still up one. Hope they let Stroman eat today.

Joe Ryan

Stroman deals…

Two and one Stroman deals.

Two two, lets go Stroman!

No luck, one down.

Sharp breaking ball by Stroman two strikes!

Hall strikes out Boooooommmmmmmm!

Jose Quintana

We move on to Quintana ninety three mph fastball gets the K in the first!

Bassitt takes care of Profor on a side note to start for the Mets at Home!

One ball and one strike for Jose Quintana, one one, now its one and two! Lets go Jose make this night magical.

Bassitt to Cronenworth o two count…

Boom!! For Bassitt strikes out Cronenworth, now Chris has two Ks.

Chris Bassitt

Jose Quintana back to back Ks.

Freedom lives!!!….

Bassitt has three Ks in two innings. One more to go.

Jose Quintana got his third, in two, so now we rest on Chris Bassitt.

Chris Bassitt deals.

Bassitt wears number forty.

Quick pitch catches Grisham flat footed

O two and Bassitt just misses if he did, smh.

Two and two, boom got him looking on the Cutter!