Power arms and filth merchants starring Jose Berrios, Gerrit Cole, Aaron Nola, Shane Bieber, Dylan Cease, & David Peterson

Gerrit Cole

Just checked in on Jose Berrios, hes down one but I heard hes got a K in the first inning. This is ehhh…

He actually got 2 Ks in the first, feeling a bit more then eh.. he minimized the damage after giving up a few soft hits.

Things look to be in order in this monumental parlay day.

Berrios gives up a homer its now two zero Royals.

One two to Massey, and pop up.

Jose Berrios

Berrios if you ask me has had a lot of let down spots this season considering his contract.

O two to Fermin, and a third strike! Hes getting hit up but one more K and hes done for today, on this wacky parlay card of six! six power arms and filth merchants.

Didn’t even catch it but Jose Berrios just picked up his 4th Strikeout Woooo…!

Five more arms to go, next stop Cole train.

One two count, two and two, swing and miss Duran down on Strikes.

Gerrit Cole

Cole backs up Devers on the plate. One and two, swing and miss, got em 99 Cole wins, thats another technician.

On a side note Aaron Nola has three strikeouts in the first, couldn’t ask for anything more. Power arms and filth merchants we believe in.

Cole deals, swing and miss strikeout number three for Cole. Three down, three more to go.

One two three inning for Cole.

Four Ks for Nola on a side note. Hes really mowing them down šŸ˜¬

Aaron Nola

I think he just registered his 5th Strikeout on Sanchez, his day may be over and he gets a free pass from me to enjoy the All-Star Break.

Yea he got the fifth! Two down four more to go one in progress.

Tigers and Guardians are Postponed .. may effect how today turns out but hey.

On a side note Mets are threatening the Cubs and Peterson is due to deal.

Anyway back to Cole o two count to Cordero, its in the third, one and two now, its formulaic, Cordero goes down on strikes, fourth strikout of the afternoon, two more and another one bites the dust.


On a side note Peterson registers a K in the first!

One and two on Duran, and changeup swing and a miss, keep a eye on Cole and Devers he knocked him down in the first.

Two two count as they play the purge horn.

Hes on pitch 47, and grounder to Rizzo.

Didn’t even see the Twins and the White Sox on a side note.

Its Cease time the moment of truth.

Dylan Cease

Hes got Three Ks in two innings, beautiful piece of work.

One and one to Sanchez for Cease and no luck for Dylan.

But not to shabby.

Peterson is in trouble for the Mets but gets a double play, Mets still up one.

He gets out the second, no Ks.

Cole has a two two, no luck.

One and two to Martinez, no luck.

Verdugo one and two Strikeout, thats Cole money.

Peterson back to back strikeouts, hes got 3 Ks, never under estimate the other guys strikeout.

David Peterson

One and two to Contreras and im the strikeout master!

Two two and gets him swinging.

On a side note my Shane Bieber play was postponed and in a uneventful event, Dylan Cease had 6 Ks last time I checked.

Cease has 6Ks in four innings.

Peterson picked his fourth up.

As monumental as the picks were today was very un eventful going to the break but a slice nonetheless.

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