Max Scherzer for the grand finale, phantom of the strikeout featuring the Mets, Julio Urias & Sean Manaea

Max Scherzer

No Ks in the first for mad Max!

One and two to wisdom, how does it feeeeeel first K.

They score one. Not good for my parlay.

I rebuke the Cubs, one and two to Bote, two two, caught him looking! Two Ks.

One and one to Ortega, and no luck.

Max Scherzer

Mets tie it up one one my parlay is back in order.

Back to the Big Max!

On a side note, although im not paying attention I notice Sean Manaea registered his first K in my brew of a bet.

One two count to Happ dealing is Max, this guy Happ is in a battle, Max trying to find the formula, eight pitch at bat so far, and boom caught him looking!!!

Happ gets angry, very angry and he gets ejected!!! Whats he complaining about that pitch was perfect by max number three today all in all not so bad, not so bad.

One two to Suzuki and Suzuki goes down swinging on the change up and thats his fourth of the night!

This is how it is when a real technician a phantom of the opera operates and works and now o and two, Max dealing, he looks focused, damn almost got him, still 0 and 2 lets go Max! and boom!!!!

Max strikes out the side in the third inning, heavy duty.


Side note… Sean Manaea has two strikeouts and two innings, im feeling stable…

Escobar goes yard!! Complete ownership of Drew Smyly.

Max is searching for his next prey! Hes like a jaguar.

0 two count, boom! Got him with a change up four consecutive strikeouts for Scherzer, Sir Maximilian and before I can have another thought another o two.

One two, Max works super fast almost cant keep up now two two come on Max…

Still two two now full count, and a double, a one out double, ok no harm no foul, next.

We are at 6 Ks in the bottom of the fourth and its one and one to Rivas.

Max Scherzer

Hits the outside corner its two and two! Lets get it this inning, lets go, got him looking changeup over the heart of the plate got him out.

To many weapons 7 Ks one more and its cash money.

Bad news! Its two two the score why the hell is Gomes tattoo Max????? geeezz just when you think your ahead, anyway back to business o two count!

And weeeeeee believeeeeeee his 8th strikeout smh maybe next time ill take it solo but now the Mets need to hit.

On a side note I dont know what the hell is happening with the Padres and Diamondbacks but Sean Manaea went the third without a strikeout and is at two! Not sweating it especially after today, anything is possible.

Boom Sean Manaea just registers his third strikeout, just one more and we would have struck on half the ticket.

Again not sweating it.

Sean Manaea

Julio Urias will be dealing soon.

As thats happening Cubs changing their pitcher, hopefully he gets rocked!

Diamondbacks score one on Sean Manaea 😬 no sweat im just nit picking at this point.

Sean Manaea is getting hit up now its three zero Diamondbacks one out in the fifth we just need a K,

One one to Walker, one two, ask and you shall receive, two two, lets go Sean!

Walkers fighting, three two count, Sean might not have his best stuff.

No luck but now runners on first and third, is he going to be pulled?

Holy cow hes at 83 pitch count smh.

Sean Manaea

He gets out the inning, hopefully he gives us another inning smh.

Meanwhile Mets haven’t broken threw yet, two two in the six.

I have a feeling Manaea will start the inning but he probably wont finish it, things are not looking good but today has given us hope.

Max is still dealing.

One pitch one out for Manaea😬, one and one, no luck but fast two outs, this might be his last chance.

One and one, one and two lets go!!! three outs.

My night might be over Sean aint coming out for the seventh, if he does it would be legendary, but now we wait…

Padres go up four to three by Voit! Does that mean you give Manaea another inning??????

And hes out, my day is done forget about Urias.