Max Fried, Taijuan Walker, & Marcus Stroman wardens of the strikeout

Marcus Stroman

One two count for Stroman now two and two foul at the plate first at bat. Three and two.

Walks em.

One and two against Guillorme and he strikes out first out of the game, beautiful.

Two more and a third done.

Marcus Stroman

0 two count here this is huge, the difference between sweat and no sweat.

Checks runner at first….

One two ump is no help.

Brief distraction but he rings up Lindorrrrrr!!!!

Im pleased, I hope they dont hurt him first inning. McNeil is tough.

Marcus Stroman in a Mets uniform.

Sinker and change up in play on the ground Stroman aim and he gets out the inning, now its time for Heavy duty Taijuan Walker.

0 two Walker, foul back, one and two, didn’t check cubs and mets strikeout totals this month.

Two and two, and Walker has the first out on a strikeout. Thats big time.

It the difference of me not thinking i made the wrong move. Three more and we are home sweet home at least for warden Walker.

0 two count to Suzuki, and the side is retired, back to Stroman.

Taijuan Walker

They said Stroman wasn’t good, ill be the judge of that.

Three two count to Smith, and he goes down swinging and Stroman has his strikeout and hes done for the day, how great is that.

Focus is entirely on Walker now all he needs is Three Ks.

One pitch one out for Walker in the second.

Two two count to Schwindel, three two count, takes outside on a slider.

Two two count to Wisdom, ump has no soul, Walker turns his back on the ump, hes no help three two.

He pops it up, two outs.

Taijuan Walker

0 two count to Higgins, yes he strikes him out, good lord warden, how many two two counts with no Ks was he thinking about, ump stole a strikeout but all in all in good shape. Two more to register and 2 third the way there then its warden Maxwell.

Two more Ks for Walker and its cash city.

Splitter and Walkers slider been working for him, he changed the grip on it.

He got the new grip from youtube possibly from Carlos Rodans grip.

Ideas and tinker, one and two count to Ortega, double play.

43 pitch count in the third,


Contreras struck out in the first, and no luck, just one hit between both teams.

Mets just scored doesnt go well for my golf matchup, im just wishing for some get back in the 4th for Walker.

Three, four and five in the lineup, would be nice for a K in that bunch for insurance, one two count, two two, hes got a lead now, will it change the way he pitches?

Happ is battling, seventh pitch of at bat, and Walker strikes out Happ with a fastball!! Makes him curse himself out, insurance aquired one more and its Maximilian.

O two count, 3:44 p.m. he fouls it back, no luck.

Schwindel going down now on a K would be super sweet.

Cubs score a run, im back in play with my golf game but hopefully Walker takes this time to focus, get that extra K!

Taijuan Walker

Taken it to the fifth and sixth.

Waker needs to be a pirate so the wolves can eat.

Sixty five pitches threw four.

Walker is up.

Three two to Ortega….

Hes in a battle with Walker!

Swing and a miss!!!!!!!!! Fourth strikeout of the day next stop Maxy.

Max Fried

One two count to Hernandez, two two, three two, no luck.

First inning no Ks for Fried, ok.

Two two to Franco, he gets on,

Escobar is up, im calling potential strikeout victim alert.

No Ks in the first two innings, a little concerning hopefully we can get some serious get back in the third but a minimum of one or this day will go down the tubes because of technical difficulty.

Max Fried

Braves score three, hopefully this alludes to Frieds longevity today, starting off bad today.

Im thinking Nationals might want to take some strike calls now.

Four nothing Braves now, middle of the third, didnt consider the ballpark, 0 two to Robles, no luck.

No strikeout in the first three innings, dark clouds are overhead the stadium literally and figuratively, theres got to be some serious get back in the coming innings or this game is a wash.

Fried better go eight innings and get a K a inning 😤, middle of the fourth.


Nationals score hopefully that kicks some fight into Fried, now they scored 2. Should raise his awareness levels.

Made a huge mistake not delegating Justin Verlander.

One two to Franco, two two count, no luck, I dont even know why im tracking this anymore. Monumental failure.

First strikeout smh!! I dont even know how to process this.

One two to Robles again!, and he gets the strikeout? I dont even know what a strikeout feels like anymore, im beat morally, physically, and emotionally, but if Maxy could’ve done anything to regain and solidify his status as warden it was that.

Two more to go.

Max Fried

Taking it to the sixth but nice sequence striking out two in the fifth.

They throw out Espino out there surely they will throw out Max, but I have to worry about him being pulled.

63 pitches is not bad, it would be legendary and classic if he can go eight today.

Nationals change their pitcher 😬

On a side note Cano goes down, middle of the sixth where legends are made, not looking good, runners on first and third.

Max Fried

They just scored smh three to four Braves, end of the sixth no Ks, I made the wrong selection.

Is Fried even coming back out? The longer the inning goes I doubt it.

Six to three Braves now, does this means Max gets one more inning do i even have a chance? Seventy seven pitch count ! Why not this could be legendary but i dont want to get my hopes up.

Fried comes back on the mound.

Two two first batter, did he just get his third strikeout against Franco? Is this happening?

He did!!!!

This is a thing, its happening one one to Escobar bottom of the lineup, two one, two two😮

Three two come on Max!

I cant hardly contaim myself, had a brief intermission.

Im on cloud nine, I cant even process the Warden of the Strikeout Max Fried actually came threw, classic, monumental, Wow! Feel bad for my critique on Maxey.

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