Hit em with the Four Four

Sandy Alcantara

The Phillies plan to send veteran right-hander Kyle Gibson to the mound in an attempt to end their slump.

Gibson (4-3, 4.53 ERA) is coming off one of his best starts of the season, when he threw seven shutout innings against the host St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday.

Gibson is 0-2 with a 6.50 ERA in three career starts against Miami.

Gibson was one of 10 players for the Phillies who did not make the two-game trip to Canada earlier this week to play the Toronto Blue Jays because they were not vaccinated.

Philadelphia lost both games to extend its losing streak.

Kyle Gibson

The Phillies had an off day on Thursday.

Gibson should be well rested, I hope he performs better rested.

Sandy starts with a K beautiful!

Two outs, just what we ordered, and his second strikeout now Gibson needs to do his half.

O 2 count for Gibson, one two,

One out! Two more outs to go.

Kyle Gibson

One two count, two two, Boom, strikeout for Gibson three left and one more out left and the baconator is coming.

One one count, man on first.

Still in good position, one one to Soler, one two, almost there.

Two two cutting it close, three two count, money pitch coming up next, foul ball, smh.

Hit my nrfi.

Sandy Alcantara

Garcia takes a walk, swing and a miss, he struck him out with a slider, Gibson did, two more to go.

Four strikeouts needed, two a piece.

Taken for strike three caught him looking for Alcantaraaaa!!!

Three more to go, two and one a piece.

Got him swinging back to back Ks to start the inning, that was a gimmie.

Now we all on KG!


One two, no luck.

Third inning all go down in order no Ks, still in good position lets get some get back in the fourth.

Fourth no luck.

Fith, rings Miggy Rojas up, was about to doubt my whole decision now sweating less.

Ball and a strike to Stallings, a ball and two strikes!, one two from Gibson a little bit low.

Kyle Gibson

Check swing and he held up counts full in this chess match.

Pay off pitch tap foul ball, 79 pitches for KG…

To the shortstop smh, prolly his last inning, looks like im taking the L.

2 2 last shot!, hit em with the four!!!!! My night is over!

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