Unsung Heroes Nestor Cortes & Luis Castillo

Nestor Cortes

Luis Castillo possible trade deadline candidate.

Nestor Cortes ERA of 5.34 last 6 starts.

Unsung heroes if I ever saw some.

Aaron Boone does not want to use relievers three days in a row. Hopefully Nestor gets the benefit of the doubt.

Nestor Cortes

Aaron Boone always keeps him on a short lease, maybe hell give him some leeway.

Nestor is susceptible to the long ball. We just need more strikeouts.

Luis Castillo friendly contract, throws 97, good slider and changeup, #s all top 10 in N.L.

Surely strikeouts are on the menu for the free swinging Yankees.

Luis Castillo

Two two to Drury swing and a miss down on strikes, thats one!

Ump calling it a little tight i see.

First and second, one man out, Nestor in a little jam, have they caught on to his cutter? One and two on Votto! In the dirt, two two count.

Fly Ball. If we can get two strikeouts in the first inning we would be in good shape but no. End of the inning.

Luis Castillo up next.

Luis Castillo

Four pitch pitcher, head of the class in all the trade rumors, the ump scares me.

One two count to Rizzo, fly ball. Two two count to Stanton, three two, strikeout!!! Geeeezz…

Back to Nestor, one two to Solano, two two, fly ball.

Strikes out Senzel and im half way there just two more strikeouts to go.

Back to Castillo.

Luis Castillo

O two count to Torres caught him looking at strikes! Easy 99 anyway.

Gallo, easy strikeout victim pops it up.

Nestor needs two more Ks, two two to Fairchild, groundout.

O two to India, just misses, grounder.

Quick inning, back to Luis Castillo. One down, Marwin Gonzalez up, strikeout victim alert! But no.

One two count to Lemahieu, two two count, turns into a walk.

Two and two to Judge, no luck. No strikeout at all in the third, hopefully we can get some get back in the fourth ….


Nestor o two count, one and two to Votto, and Boom! Breaks are strikeout drought! One more strikeout and Nestors day is over.

When he throws like this he feels good about things.

Nestor is a fool. But two two count on Stephenson, didn’t go three two count……………drilled to left field.

Two out single, Farmer! Im calling strikeout victim potential. Reds have three hits! Strike one.

Inning over but one K away now we need Luis Castillo to get back to work, no more playing around, im talking striking out the side.


O two count to Rizzo, hes working it, Bammm!!! Strike three, two more to go and breakfast is on the heros!

Fly ball for Stanton, Matty C im calling strikeout victim potential alert, ring the alarm!!! One one count.

One and two??? He hits him torres going down for a second time would be huge!

Swing and a miss o one, o two count, lets go. Gleyber is fighting, boom what the hell just happen torres goes down caught looking for a second time.

One more strikeout for Castillo and breakfast is on him. One more strikeout for nestor and his night is done, i must say im sweating, but not very much.

Nestor Cortes

I think Luis may have cashed for me before I think as Nestor gives up a hit. Fairchild???

5th inning still a little dicey, two men are on. 67 pitch count in the 5th and India gets plunked, now bases loaded.

Sac fly for Druiry, one nothing reds. O one to Pham, o two count, this is big, high leverage situation, and damn ump didnt call the third strike, inning over hopefully Nestor goes back out in the sixth.

Im officially nervous but i still have a chance, was distracted but while i was busy Castillo registered strikeouts i think his night is over.

Luis Castillo

Nestor really needs to kick it in gear, hes the difference between bacon and no bacon, the leeway Boone is giving is huge here in the sixth but one and two count on Farmer!

I dont know what the hell Nestor did but he gets out the inning unscathed.

Still need a dam strikeout just one, hopefull lucky 7 is our inning. Castillo after double checking is at 6 more then needed for the quota.

Nestor cutting it close, two outs in the seventh facing number nine hitter, its now or never.

One two count this is my last chance, unsung heroes come threw in the clutch! Bacon is on the herooooeeesssess!

Im hitting the showers.

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