Strikeout Kings Shane McClanahan & Joe Musgrove

Shane McClanahan

A lot of swing and misses for Shane McClanahan but all pop ups and groundouts, no strikouts in the first.

More of the same in the second inning. He did register his first strikeout.

1 2 pitch a lil low count level at 2 and 2.

Missed inside full count first two batters.

Swung on and miss strike 3 out #2 in the third.

Shane McClanahan

Shane McClanahan almost steps weird on his ankle makes me gasp a lil bit. He cant get injured.

2 and 2 as they play dangerous minds in the backround, swing and a foul to the screen.

Out #1 in the fourth Shane McClanhan registers a strikeout, now hes facing Devers starting 0 1.

Martinez shut down on strikes.

Shane McClanahan

Top of the 5th inning Shane McClanahan is at 4 strikouts, hes two away from cashing for me in a parlay with Joe Musgrove.

Look to be in good shape.

Red Sox start with runners on the corner, could mean a few things.

Probably will pitch carefully, just what I need.

Shane McClanahan has 4 different pitches to strike you out with.


Got him swinging, his 5th strikeout registered in the 5th inning. He might even go 7 innings.

I cant ask for to much more. Just one more strikout and half way there to the parlay 8:36 pm.

Joe Musgrove will be dealing soon.

Bottom half of the sixth, 2 and 2 on Jeter Downs, one out.

Jackie Bradley looks like stikeout material, but no luck.

Boom! Cash records strikout #6 in the night in the 6th.

Joe Musgrove

Padres up 1 to give Joe Musgrove a nice lead to deal filth from the mound because thats what he is, a filth merchant.

2 2 pitch strike three called Joe Musgrove starts the night beautifully, only need him to strikeout 4, three more to go.

It is said that Joe Musgrove is a technician.

No strikeouts in the second.

Had technical difficulty but second strikeout of the night for Joe.

Joe Musgrove

94 mile per hour fastball with 5 pitches, with a scoreless third inning. Two strikouts to go and seem to be in good condition.

One pitch one out for Joe in the 4th inning.

Pitch drops in outside of the plate 2 outs bottom of the fourth, Joe is one strikeout away and my night is over.

Hope I can hit the showers this inning. Make it a easy day. Two out, two bagger for the Rockies.

Joe Musgrove

1 and 2 count on Diaz and a pitch in the dirt count 2 and 2, fastball down the middle but doesn’t get the call!

Pitch swung on and miss Joe Musgrove flexes on the mound and screams a little to himself. My night is over, im about to hit the showers..